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Tribe Ceremonies

Posted by [Co-Owner] Spirit of Silverfang on January 21, 2016 at 7:30 PM



Healer: Let all cats gathering beneath the Tribe of Endless Hunting for a meeting.


To-be Promotion to Prey-Hunter/Cave Guard


Healer: I ask that the Tribe of Endless Hunting approves and accepts this to-be as Cave-Guard/Prey-Hunter in her/his turn. He/she has trained hard to understand the ways of of the Tribe, and I, (Healer's name), commend him/her before you as a credit to her/his Tribe. (To-Be Name), do you promise to serve the Tribe of Rushing Water for seasons and seasons to come, using all of your skills to the best of your ability, to bring honor and pride to your Tribe?


To-Be: I do.


Healer: Then by the powers given to me by the Tribe of Endless Hunting, I promote you to your full rank. (To-Be Name), from this day forth, you will serve your Tribe as a Cave-Guard/Prey-Hunter. We welcome you to the ranks of the Tribe of Rushing Water. May you serve the Tribe of Endless Hunting well.


(They then "shake paws*" and the former to-be bows his head. The Tribe also congratulates them by shaking paws, as well.)


Promotion from Kit to To-be


Healer: May the Tribe of Endless Hunting approve of my choice. This kit wishes to become a full-fledged Cave-Guard/Prey-Hunter in the eyes of you and her/his Tribe, but must first become a to-be. (Kit Name), from this day forth, until you have earned your place in the Tribe, you will work toward this through extensive training.


(Tribemate to become Kit's Trainer), you will train (Kit's Name). I hope that your (trait 1) and (trait 2) will pass through you to your new to-be.


(The to-be and trainer shake paws, and then the to-be licks their new trainer's shoulder. The Tribe also congratulates them by shaking paws, as well.)


Becoming an Elder


Healer: (Tribe member), you say that the time has come for you to join the elders. Are you sure this is what you want?


Tribe member: I am.


Healer: Then you will rely on to-bes and younger prey-hunters to bring you caught-prey, and you are no longer able to continue your duties as a Cave-Guard/Prey-Hunter.



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