We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it


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A fun contest that will bring out your inner poet! Strap on your poetry hat and start writing out those funny little poems!
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Also for the contest,hopefully better XD)Sandwhisker's Pondering about Life
0429 over a year ago
Echo219's Entry: Slenderstar On Kits
2470 over a year ago
the stars
0292 over a year ago
Smallthunder's Poetry
1252 over a year ago
Harestar's lullaby
0253 over a year ago
Eclipse's entrees... Kinda morbid..
0161 over a year ago
Sky's Fablous poem
0308 over a year ago
wren's limericks - the listener, slipped
0243 over a year ago
Amber's actually decent entry- Zephyr's view of life
0251 over a year ago
Sun's Attempt: Fan Friction
0183 over a year ago
What is a limerick?
0275 over a year ago
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