We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it


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We cannot change our destiny we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it
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I've been on this site since forever ago and it's so weird thinking about how one day I just randomly stumbled upon it during summer a few years back. I feel so oooooooooooold

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*eats chur face*
Reply Nighteh
4:26 PM on April 17, 2016 
Reply Blue
7:58 PM on February 4, 2016 
Reply Sky and Such
10:14 PM on December 7, 2015 
Reply Misty's Farewell - Check Profile <3
2:41 PM on August 28, 2015 
We haven't RPed Winter x Avira for SO LONG.
Why are we never on at the same time?!
Reply RobinFlame (A.k.A, Queen of Fluff)
12:07 AM on July 12, 2015 
"Yes! I can use your love for my own personal gain!" She declared dramatically, holding her coffee cup in the air victoriously. Then she burst into a fit of giggles and shook her head. "I'm just kidding. I'll only do that when I want the window seat," lightly sticking her tongue out at him as they entered the classroom, she turned her head and looked at all of the seats with bright blue eyes. "So," she hummed, turning back to him. "Which seats do you want? I would say the middle, because then we could still be able to listen to the teacher well, but we also wouldn't get caught if we decided to chat"
Reply [Founder Stalker] Julia(Springy)
3:08 PM on July 10, 2015 
Good luck on deputy application
Reply RobinFlame (A.k.A, Queen of Fluff)
3:54 PM on May 16, 2015 
Rose had shuddered when he ran his tongue along her lips, excitement coursing through her body like a river. His kisses just felt so... right. She didn't want the kiss to end, but she also needed to breathe. Maybe they'd kiss again later. With a small sigh of contentment, she watched the sun fade from their sight, the light breeze suddenly replaced by the cool night wind. Little wisps of her hair sailed out to the side of them, seeming to dance in the jeweled night sky with their own mysterious type of beautiful harmony. "This might sound weird, but I'm glad I fell on top of you today," she giggled out at last, her voice cascading into his ears like a symphony of the purest sounds. Finally, she glanced up at him and began to play with the soft strands of his hair, running the pad of her thumb over the thick locks. "Come on," she said at last, reluctantly tugging away from his embrace. "It's getting late. We have class tomorrow, remember?" She sent him a smile and gently pressed her index finger against the tip of his nose before she moved back and began to climb down from the tree, ducking and weaving through the branches. Once she was on the ground, she stepped back and swept a few strands of her hair behind her ear as she waited for Jake to follow after her (saving because so kawaii)
Reply [Co-Owner] Spirit of Silverfang
7:38 AM on May 7, 2015 

also sorry ill be on soon ive just had ap testing this past two weeks so ive been really busy :')
RobinFlame (A.k.A, Queen of Fluff): As he broke the kiss, Rose lowered her hand and stared up at him, her cheeks flushed pink. I... we.... that was amazing, she thought, the words seeming to bounce in her head like a never ending echo. Dazed, she stared up at him, blue meeting red in a seemingly perfect mix of color endless passion. Unable to help herself, she watched as his hair fell into his gaze. She didn't like it. She wanted to see his eyes. Quickly, she reached up and moved the dark strands out of his face and once again stared into his gaze. When she noticed how he seemed to be debating on whether or not to kiss her again, she slowly curled her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, once again locking their lips together. Eventually, she had to pull away, her heart hammering against her chest. Without another word, she ducked under his arm and snuggled up to his side, her head on the side of his chest

ya sn post with silv
Reply Nighteh
1:27 PM on April 12, 2015 
What does Melody look like? o3o
Reply [Founder Stalker] Julia(Springy)
2:03 AM on February 24, 2015 
USUIIII i love himmmmmm!~ and i love special a as well!!
Reply Shizuku
5:10 PM on January 20, 2015 
This content has been removed due to abuse.
Reply Nighteh
8:35 PM on January 4, 2015 
dang, did that list get longer, or is it just me?
You gonna make a list for your kitties or no?
Reply MoonSpirit (A.K.A Brave)~*Is Now Chara*~
9:34 PM on December 30, 2014 
Wow thats ALOT about you. lol :D
Reply Nighteh
8:59 PM on December 9, 2014 
^^ *snuggles back*
Reply Misty's Farewell - Check Profile <3
1:17 PM on November 17, 2014 
Remember that time ages ago, when you were watching youtube and you said
"Anyone ever watched Special-A?"
and I said
Then you said:
Then I said:
"Hikari dies..."
and you replied:
"If she dies, WE ALL GO DOWN."
I now understand you, but I like Kei more 'u'
Reply Autumn
3:31 PM on October 31, 2014 
Happy Halloween, Rawbi-chan!
Reply Kurori (Crowley)
10:00 PM on October 25, 2014 
This content has been removed due to abuse.
Reply ~((Jaws))~The Red Fox
5:45 PM on October 24, 2014 

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