We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it




Beginning of leadership: ??/??/2014

End of leadership: Uhhh January? 2017 

Rper: Echo 

A tall, svelte, muscular white Tom with a lean, solid frame. His paws are large and bear thorn sharp, ivory hued claws that he sharpens on a regular basis. His head is of average shape, though his muzzle is slightly elongated. Atop his lush, white fur is a pattern of scorched black tabby markings. The tip of his slender tail end in a similar shade of black as well as ear paw. His auditoriums are tall an tapering to a Lynx tuft at each end. His optics are a sharp, intimidating hue of scarlet red and are simply piercing. He has a sharp wit, and is keen to perform any task for outsiders provided they offer his something satisfactory in return. He is well sought after for his skill and makes and obedient Assassin to those who seek him and to his leader. He is highly ambitious and arrogant, and a totally flirtatious playboy towards she cats. He respects only those who have earned and shown his the same respect in return, but he loathes the weak and view them merely as pawns for his own pursued goals. He currently has no mate nor an apprentice.




Beginning of Leadership: ??/??/2014

End of Leadership: ??/??/2014

Death is a pitch black tom with icy blue eyes. Muscle covers his massive frame, long ivory claws hooking from his paws. Death isn't exactly as cold and heartless as he use to be, and realized the value of life after he lost his mate. He is now softer, yet his claws are still sharp. And those who taunt him are inflicted with scars they won't forget. Death may be soft, but he never lost his touch or taste for battle. He's quite greedy, sly, and deceiving. Shouldn't turn your back on him for long. 



Beginning of Leadership: ??/??/2014

End of Leadership: ??/??/2014




Beginning of Leadership: ??/??/2013

End of Leadership: ??/??2013




Beginning of Leadership: ??/??/2012

End of Leadership: ??/??/2013




Beginning of Leadership: ??/??/2012

End of Leadership: ??/??/2012




Beginning of Leadership??/??/2011

End of Leadership: ??/??/2011




Beginning of Leadership: ??/??/2011

End of Leadership: ??/??/2012

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Green Leaf

Temperature: 70's to low 80s, tempature is very unstable.

Weather:  It's a mild summer. Rain is plentiful, and thankfully there are no droughts.

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