We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it




Basil of the Stars

Basil is a thin, white and grey patched she-cat with deep amber eyes. She has very ragged fur, and her muzzle is grey from age, and her ear tips are silver from age. Due to her age, her joints have become rather stiff when she moved too much and her claws are weak and easily pulled. Her scent is of a leafy breeze.  Basil is easily hard to figure out. She is a very unstable cat, who still bares the hatred of her former mate, Thornstar. He drove her completely mad, however she holds it backs rather well. She can be very peaceful, very connected to others and almost Motherly. But she's still a bad a**who can kick butt until her joints kick in and say no. Basil is the last remaining member of the original Darkclan, and she re-created it to prove Darkclan can thrive once again, and this time she ran it rightfully as the leader. She is 190 moons old, so yes she's old and that is thanks to her life as a former loner. 

Ex-Mates: Jumpstart, Thornstar 

Kits:  Ashsoul, Bluepaw, Snakepaw, Sprout-trout, Rikka's Mind 

"As of now, You are ALL members of Darkclan, the reborn, and we are a clan that will never again be taken down by anyone! We will thrive as the four clans before us have, we will make our mark in history, show we will never again be shoves around, like we had in our past. We are strong, and we are back"

-Basil of the Stars 

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Updated 8/3/2017

Green Leaf

Temperature: 70's to low 80s, tempature is very unstable.

Weather:  It's a mild summer. Rain is plentiful, and thankfully there are no droughts.

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