We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it




Beginning of Leadership: 2/???/2014

End of Leadership: 6/7/2014

Rper: Lion 




Beginning of Leadership: 10/4/2014

End of Leadership: 11/30/2014 

Rper: Miku 



Beginning of Leadership: ?/??/2014

End of Leadership:10/4/2014

Rper: Trini 



Beginning of Leadership: 2/???/2014

End of Leadership: 6/7/2014

Shrewstar was a brown and white bicolor with brown eyes. He was a flirt and eventually fell in love with a she-cat that wanted to be deputy. They both were excellent candidates for deputy, but, to be honest, he never really found himself to be one. In fact, he expected, and supported, the she-cat that would one day be his mate. In her endeavors to try and become "top cat" She ran out of camp out of anger right after he was appointed deputy because she had felt betrayed and ran off and out of camp, not stopping until she had come to the Twolegplace and was killed by a Twoleg. Shrewstar became depressed and matured after that incident. His time as a deputy was relatively short and he ended up becoming leader shortly after Lightstar passed away. After her death as well, he became rather distant and almost always avoided any she-cats that tried to get his attention. He was a clever and intelligent leader that kept up-to-date with everything in the clan, mostly through observation. However, he could never really shake his depressed and distant flaws.

"I didn't really ask to be deputy, and to be honest, I'm kind of shocked. But, even though I grieve, I must accept that this is how things will be and focus on the clan. I can't promise I'll be completely positive all the time... but I will give it my all"

- Shrewstar



Beginning of Leadership: 2/???/2014

End of Leadership: 6/7/2014 

Rper: Amber 

 Born to a mother, who had left them at birth, Lightstar was sister to Honeystar- the only difference was the shade of pelt and eyes. They were inseperatable, even as kits. They did everything together- even lead the Clan at a point. Lightstar was young, when her sister had announced her as her first deputy, sparking an outrage within the Clan- calling her biased, and saying she used her sister as a way to gain power. She also had a mate at one point- who had killed off all of their litter, but one- Lunarkit. Distraught over this, her mentality was shattered even more, when her sister lost all 9 lives to being trapped under the ice at the lake. Lightstar's leadership was quite short, as she had lost a life to drowning (trying to save a warrior) and kitting each, then lost 2 from breaking her neck off the highrock, and the rest, her Clanmates were fed up, and mauled the young leader to death.

 "Being a leader, under my sister? Are you sure it was a blessing, or a curse?"

- Lightstar




Beginning of Leadership: ?/??/2013

End of Leadership: ?/??/2013

 Rper: Ash 




Beginning of Leadership: ?/??/2013

End of Leadership: ?/??/2013

 Rper: ??


Beginning of Leadership: ?/??/2013

End of Leadership: ?/??/2013

 Rper: ??




Beginning of Leadership: ?/??/2013

End of Leadership: ?/??/2013

 Rper: ?? 

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