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Guide to Warriors RP

Cat Language/Terms

Posted by [Co-Owner] Spirit of Silverfang on May 10, 2015 at 7:35 PM

Body Gestures


● Touching noses - “I like you!”


● Lick on the cheek - “I really like you.”


● Lick on the ear - Comforting.


● Lick on forehead - “I love you!” / “Will you be my mate?


● Brushing tail on back or flank - Calming.


● Lick under/on belly - “I want kits.


● Touching nose to cheek - “I’m happy for you” / Comforting.


● Nuzzle - Comfort / “You’re hilarious!” (The second is for mates)


● Touch nose to cheek - “I’m glad you’re here.” (For lovers)


● Lick own chest fur - To hide embarrassment.


● Lick on the shoulder - Respect.


● Lick on the tail - “Will you be my mate?”


● Lick on the paw - “You are my friend!”


● Lick below the chin - “I want you forever!”


● Lick on the nose - “Do you want to play?”


● Rubs tail anywhere - Flirty, comforting or curious.


● Rubbing against you - “I like you.” / “Don’t worry.” / “I love you.”


● Licking constantly - Cleaning.


● Flat ears - “Back off!”


● Bares teeth - “Get away from me!"


● Lunging at you - “Back off now!”


● Roll on your back - “You are stronger than me, I respect you.”


● Tail tucked - Scared.


● Growling/Hissing/Spitting - Angry or accenting




Tail Signals


Tail Held Erect - Stop.

Tail Rippling - Move forward, with care.

Tail Held Erect and Sweeping from side to side - Retreat Silently.

Tail Pointing Low, Parallel to ground, and sweeping - Spread Out.

Tail Bobbing - Enemy Sighted.

Tail Hooked - Danger.

Tail Pointed - Go That Way.

Tail held Erect and waving from side to side - Stay Behind Me.

Tail Kinked over Back - Follow Me.




Warrior Terms

Apprentices: A cat of six moons or older, in training to become a warrior. Name always ends in paw.


Crow-Food: Rotting food.


Dark Forest: An evil cat who has died, they do not go to StarClan, but to the Dark Forest.


Deputies: Like a secondary leader to the clan—a warrior with special privileges that is higher than all cats except for his leader and medicine cats.


Elders: Warriors that have retired as a result of a disability or old age.


Fox Dung: An insult; stronger offense than mousebrain.


Fresh-Kill: Recently killed prey.


Gatherings: A meeting that the Clans hold together in peace every full moon.


Greencough: A severe chest infection that can be fatal to elders and young kits.


Greenleaf: Summer.


Greenleaf Twolegplace: A place where twolegs live, but only in the summer.


Halfbridge: A dock/pier.


Horseplace: Fields and stables near the lake where the half-tamed cats live.


Housefolk: A kittypet's name for its human.


Kits: Kittens; cats of six moons or younger. Always end in kit.


Kittypet: A house cat.


Leaders: The most powerful cat in a Clan; has nine lives and always ends in star. Leads the clan and does ceremonies.


Leaf-bare: Winter.


Leaf-fall: Fall/Autumn.


Loner: A cat that peacefully lives on its own in one place, but doesn't defend its territory.


Medicine Cats: The healers of the clan, the highest authority except for the leader. They're the closest to Starclan.


Monster: Usually refers to twoleg machines, such as cars and bulldozers.


Moon: One month, or four weeks. (Half moon = two weeks; Quarter moon = one week.)


Moonhigh: The time of night when the moon is highest—usually midnight.


Mousebrained: Not very smart.


Mouse Dung: An insult; stronger offense than Mousebrained but less offense than Fox Dung.


Newleaf: Spring.


Nofurs: Another name for twolegs.


Queens: A pregnant she-cat, or a she-cat that's nursing kits.


Rogue: A potentially hostile cat that lives outside the clans, and never stays too long in one place.


Sharing Tongues: A term used to describe cats grooming each other.


Silverpelt: The Milky Way Galaxy; the stars.


Sun-Drown-Place: The sea to the west, where the sun sets.


Sunhigh: Noon.


Thunderpath: A road.


Tree-Eater: Bulldozer.


Twoleg Nest: A twoleg house.


Twolegplace: A human town/city.


Twolegs: The Clans' name for humans.


Upwalkers: Another name for Twolegs.


Warriors: Full members of the Clans.


Whitecough: A mild chest infection.






Mouselength - About an inch

Kittenstep - Less than an inch

Rabbitlength/Taillength - About a foot

Foxlength - About a yard




Times and Seasons (Explained more)


Leaf-bare - The season of winter

Newleaf - The season of spring

Greenleaf - The season of summer

Leaf-fall - The season of autumn

Quarter-moon - A week

Moon - A 28-day period (one full moon to another), a month

Moonhigh - 12 o'clock a.m. (midnight)

Sunhigh - 12 o'clock p.m. (noon)

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