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Guide to Warriors RP

Battle Tactics

Posted by [Co-Owner] Spirit of Silverfang on May 10, 2015 at 8:00 PM

Common Battle Tactics

Approach from behind your enemy - The advantage is gaining the higher ground is that you can charge at greater speed at the enemy, who will be weakened by having to fight uphill.


Use the light from the sun - The sun should be behind you to dazzle your oppenent. In green leaf, the midday sun is especially bright and cruel to cats who are used to sulking under the cover of the trees. In leaf bare, the low sun hovers around the eye line like a troublesome bee, keep your enemy from facing it, and they'll have trouble seeing an attacker from any direction.


Know were the wind is coming from - If there is a strong wind, it should be blow from behind you toward the enemy, blinding them with dust and holding them back like a current of a river. If you wish to preserve the element of surprise, the wind should blow from the enemy position toward you so your scent is carried away from them.


Conceal the size of your force - The number of cats in your battle patrols can be hidden to confuse the enemy from a distance. Cats packed tightly together will appear as a small attacking force, encouraging the enemy to be over confidant and make poor strategic decisions. Alternatively, is cats are spread out in signal file, they will look like a solid border of warriors, which will seem impenetrable to an advancing enemy.


Attack from both ends of the Enemy first - If both ends of the enemy line are defeated, the cats in the center of the line will have to fight the two fronts. Even if they are outnumbered, the will be out flanked, vulnerable, and in disarray.


Keep fresh warriors in reserve - Always have adequate reserves of fresh, fit warriors behind the battle line. They will be able to replace injured warriors, launch a separate attack if the enemy tries to encircle your forces, or fend off a surprise enemy from the rear. If the battle is in your favor, finish it by sending your reserve warriors behind the enemy line to surround them and demand surrender.


Feigned retreat and ambush - A group of strong cats charges at the enemy, screeching, then turns and withdraws. Repeat this until the infuriated enemy finally breaks it's line and gives chase. Then the trap is sprung. Other warriors positioned in rabbit holes and other dips in the ground-out of enemy eyes line- attack as soon as your opponents have gone past. The enemy will be forced to stop and turn around to fight the unexpected threat, as they do the retreating cats must turn and charge back at them with full speed. The enemy is caught between two bodies of attacking cats and will quickly surrender.




Water Combat


Double-Front-Paw - Splashes water into the face of the enemy.


Underwater Leg Sweep (Front of Hind) - The opponent will not see it coming under the water so won’t have a chance to brace himself before losing his balance.


Push-Down and Release - Almost all cats panic if they are submerged. This move can be used to secure a decisive victory, because it’s most likely to make the opponent surrender.


Underwater Clinch - Uses warrior’s weight to hold the opponent below the surface, with a firm grip that enables the warrior to bring his enemy spluttering back to the surface before forcing him under again.


Tail Splash - Temporarily blinds opponent by flicking water in his eyes.


Underwater Push-Off - Crouching and erupting out of the water into opponents, using surprise and impact to knock him off balance.


Sandpaw Splash - Using noise of water splashed at a distance to create a decoy, leaving opportunity for a surprise attack.




Above-Ground Combat


The Sky-Crusher - Landing with all four feet on top of an opponent, flattening him like a leaf.


The Flick-Over - Landing with front paws outstretched to sweep the opponent off his feet and roll him onto his back.


The Kick - Kicking down hard as the warrior nears the ground, then using momentum from landing to spring away before the opponent can retaliate.


The Slice - Dropping down with claws unsheathed for maximum injury.


The Branch Swing - Holding on to the branch with front claws and swinging hind legs into the opponent’s face.


The Reverse Branch Swing - Holding on to the branch with back claws and striking with front legs through the swing.


The Trunk Swing - Sliding down the trunk and springing off at head height, using hind legs to push off and clear opponents. (Good if tree is surrounded.)


The Reverse Climb - Climbing backward up the trunk as the opponent advances to gain advantage of height; often followed by Trunk Swing.




Surprise Attacks


Move quietly and communicate using tail-signals. Cracking twigs, startling birds, and rustling bracken will tell the enemy exactly where you are.

Keep downwind of the trespassers so that your scent doesn’t give you away.

Look for freshly broken twigs, overturned leaves on the forest floor, remains of prey, or a clump of fur caught on a bramble. Any animal that moves through the forest leaves behind signs that it’s passed-and signs like this could lead you straight to the invaders.

Keep your mouth open to search for unfamiliar scents. Be careful: If there is scent when there is no breeze to carry it through the forest, it could mean that your enemy is very close by.

Light-colored pelts are easily seen against brown and green foliage, so stay in the thickest cover. Keep low-the enemy will be looking for movement at normal head height, not close to the ground.

Never miss an opportunity to perfect your tracking ability. In the nursery, kits sneak up on their mothers and pounce with their moss-soft paws. Apprentices leap out on one another from behind bushes and tree stumps. These are more than just games. One day, these skills could save your life and defend your Clan.




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