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*Takes deep breath* Okay lets do this: Macy, you have no idea how happy I was to see you come back. (I literally screamed and ran around my apartment like a maniac ;w; ) ANYWAY. You truly are a gem; you're sweet, full of life, and are very cool for doing judo XD you're also a great rper, you're characters are amazing, and you place a lot of creativity into each and every one of them. You're also a fantasic person to be around, you're funny, and chatting with you is always a blast! Ilysm and lh12 wouldn't be able to to be great without you! :3
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Macy [Check Profile <3]
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I JUST SCREAMED THANK YOU SM PINKY ILYSMT ~ I love rping with you too, you're aMAZING ^^


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