We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it


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We cannot change our destiny we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it
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Hi, it's Raineh here. I know I haven?t been active for the last three ish years. And I miss all of you so dearly. I know you all moved to discord, but I don?t believe that I will be joining. So, if any of you are reading this, goodbye. Thank you for all of the memories you have all given me. Thank you Nighteh for thinking of me and occasionally commenting on my profile to tell me news of this site. You are a better friend than I could ever know. I will never forget all of the other RPers I have met here and befriended almost five years ago. Autumn, Hawkeh, Nighteh, and so many others that I haven?t spoken to in years. All of my memories with you and with the cats have been some of my best ones, and I thank each and every one of you for that. I may have grown apart from Warriors and all of you, but I will always carry my times of RP on this site in my heart. You all were my very first internet friends, and have pushed me to be a better communicator and friend. When I joined, I was immediately welcomed, especially by Autumn. But all of my super old friends are gone as well, and it?s time I go too. As I said before, I will miss you all dearly. Thank you for everything. I will never forget you. Old stuff: First up is Autumn. Many of you probably didn't know him. He left a few years ago after he lost a high position in Thunderclan. The first time I roleplayed on this site, I had a cat named Raindapple. He was in Skyclan, and at the time, not many people Roleplayed there.

Autumn was there with his cat... I forget his name, but it had something to do with Bracken... (It's so sad that I can't remember. :c) He immediatley asked if I wanted to RP, and from then on, we were great friends. When Autumn left, I was so sad. I will never forget our shared Catbug obsession.

Next up is Hawkeh and I. We've had many memories. I remember Paintedleaf and Hawkeh and their cute relationship. I remember when Fernblossom comforted and befriended Hawkfrost/Hawkstar. I love chu! :3

Then there's Ash. You probably all know her- I've been roleplaying with her since my early days on this website, and she's always been awesome. 

The people listed in my besties area down below also; I will never forget all the fun times we've had. I am so sorry that I haven't kept in touch. 

I love and miss you all, and thank you for being the kindest people in the world. People warn you about dangerous people on the internet, but they also don't tell you that you could become the best of friends. 

Love always,



MY FAVE PIC EVER!!! (look up)

One on left by Echo, one on right by the one and only HAWKEH!!!

 Besties- (not in order, just random order)

Autumn- (up above). Ash- You are so funny and nice to me personally. You always support what you believe in, which is really brave. Plus, half of my cats love your cats. :3 Lumi, Trin, Echo, and Goldy- You three all know why. But should I say it? X3. You are always so kind to me and always make me feel included. I don't always feel that way in the real world, but in the cyber-world, I feel like I've met you all in real life. Song- Girl, you know why. :3 NEWBIES OF DA WORLD- *huggles* YOU KNOW WHY!!! Hawkflight and Mallo- Yall make me laugh so hard I drop my computer. Thanks. I'm sending you the next bill.  (X3 You know I luv you guys!!!)  Everyone else on this site- Thank you for including me. I know that if I  am ever confused or hurt, one of you will brighten my day. LUV YOU ALL!!! *huggles all of them*AMBA- I luv u gurl. You are so awesome. I can't explain it in words. Just know, you are such a kind, caring person. :D

Ish restoring Fernblossom in Starclan and Raindapple in Riverclan

Love you Lily!

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Reply Nighteh
8:10 PM on April 14, 2017 
yo. moved a new era to discord, if you want the link, just poke me and i'll send it to you
Reply Eclipsingshadows (Gang Medic)
1:55 PM on September 1, 2016 
I came back Rain.... You probably don't remember it, which is fine, but I remember you.. But I came back
Reply (S) Goldy [Resident Overlord]
5:33 AM on July 21, 2016 
Reply Nighteh
3:29 PM on April 23, 2016 
we should rp on my site sometime ;;
Reply Nightwing
7:08 PM on February 13, 2016 
Lol XD
Reply autumn
10:26 PM on January 22, 2016 
ahhh tysm for all the kind things put on the profile!! im Autumn, but on a new account haha

whenever your online inbox me so we can chat!!
Reply Nighteh
11:41 AM on January 9, 2016 
Reply Rain ~SUPER RAIN!!!~
9:29 PM on January 1, 2016 
Reply Ash |Only one Yandere|
5:03 PM on January 1, 2016 
Reply Nighteh
1:51 PM on December 29, 2015 
I missed you too! ;o;
Autumn left? For good? Cuz i been saving Falcon for him all this time ;~;
I put the site under construction ^^"
Reply ~Hawk & Others~
12:57 PM on November 15, 2015 
Omg, Hawk and Fern ;_; Ahhh we should roleplay them in Starclan or something XD
Reply Misty's Farewell - Check Profile <3
5:05 AM on September 3, 2015 
Idk if you even remember me - it's been forevah!
I miss seeing chu in the chat boxes ;-;
Reply Miku
1:24 PM on July 9, 2015 
I missed chuuuu!!!! -huggles-
Reply Miku
2:51 PM on July 1, 2015 
Raineh! ^-^
Reply Nighteh
4:53 PM on March 22, 2015 
I haven't seen you in foreva ;~;
I miss chu *huggles*
Reply ace
8:20 PM on September 3, 2014 
Reply ace
3:52 PM on August 29, 2014 
A request for ya: AmberXBlazing. X3
Reply ace
11:46 AM on August 2, 2014 
Well, duh. *hair flip*
Reply Misty's Farewell - Check Profile <3
12:57 PM on August 1, 2014 
1. Eternal - A black tom with yellow eyes and long fur (and a VERY bushy tail!)

2. He's on the TC and WC border, so some trees, grass, but can the grass be like a dark green/blue colour? And can the sky be the night with a cresent moon.

3. There's a dead kittypet at his feet, and he had tears in his eyes. And fire in his eyes, just faintly, but visible. There is no blood on the kittypet or him, and there is also a tabby tom with olive eyes to the right and in the background, looking angry. Can it have in white writing, 'I swear, I didn't...' and can he have his ears down.

4. I swear I didn't...

Please make there be not too much Blood, and please no black eyes, whatsoever, and please don't make it scary, just normal.

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