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Supernatural War 1:

So, this is first time ive ever wanted to try making a plot, and I think I have something fun here.

This plot goes through four phases and is basically that think from X-Men Days of Futures Past, if you dont know what that is its bacisally a Robopocalypse.

Phase One: Beginning of the Apocalypse.

Watt and Volt mutually beleive there needs to be better control in this world, not the chaotic anarchy it currently goes through. Watt presents to Volt the wonderful idea to make a machine enforcement officer which adapts to the power it is facing. He only needs a power sorce to run the machines and start the robots, which Volt gladly volunteers to be. Watt and Volt work together to make the machines which are too self aware, and decide they want to rule, and overthrow the two and put the population of the SN world under close and strict surveylence. Those who step out of line are punished by death, eventually sparking phase 2.

Events: The Robotic army takes over.

Phase Two: Beautiful day for a Revolution.

Following the events of Watt and Volts' mistakes from the past few days Xavier begins to tire of the robotic control over the world, and decided to take things into his own hands. Starting a revolution with the girl who regrets this mistake, Volt. So the two start a rebellion against the Robotic monstrosity, recruiting people for the rebellion swiftly and striking back, liberating certain places and starting phase three.

Events: Recruitment to the cause, Liberation of Manors. (Probably would require Xavier or Volt to be around. :P)

Phase Three: A World at War.

Following the rise of the rebellion the Robotic system declares a war on all who support them, purging them even. Many battles take place and many landmarks are reduced to rubble as the war drags out. The Manors that once stood tall above most are mostly destroyed and brought to dust as the battles rage throughout. The Castles which looked like indestructable structures, never to see the horror of another war, are reduced to stone and gravel. Destroyed by the Colossus "Genesis" and its host, Cyra, as the war drags even them into the conflict. What was once the Mystical Forest is burned to ash as conflict rushes through, as wildfire would. Nowhere is safe from the War of Wars.

Events: Battles (Probably in a group, requires a commanding officer within the rebellion present. Unless its Castles.), Skirmishes (Can happen with you and someone else or me).

Phase Four: Fall of the Regime.

The war is won, and the Supernatural People are left to clean the world they lived in. Watt is forced into hiding, as many wish for his death as he caused this apocalypse. Everything returns to the way it was. But the war would never be forgotten.

Events: Nothing really. xD




If you need someone to ramble to without making sense or just to talk to Im here.

Life? Its sorta like a river. One moment youre on a calm stretch of water, meanwhile as soon as you cross the bend its instantly devastating rapids. If youre not prepared to deal with those rapids you will sink, but if you are prepared youll make it to the next stretch of calm.

Just remember to keep calm.

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