We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it


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We cannot change our destiny we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it

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Yoo guys

So, I've been on the site for almost 4 years - thas a long time!! :0 And soon Eternal will have been leader for a year buuuuut he won't becuase as you can probably see, he is no longer leader ;A;

It's only fair though - I really don't have time to come online anymore and, if I'm fully honest, I don't feel like coming on much anymore. Maybe every once in a while to say hi. I've done a LOT of RPing over the past 4 years but now I have to focus on school, clubs, acting, writing, reading, drawing and any other hobbies I have. I like to spend my spare time watching anime or doing things with friends, rather than sitting typing until my wrists hurt day after day.

I've been ignoring the site for a couple months now, so I think it's safe to say I won't be coming on anymore. Not frequently, anyway. ;A;

Just so you all know!! I am not suddenly leaving because Eternal is no longer leader!! I don't mind that, I think it's the right choice. It's just made me realise I'm not very responsible for this site anymore and so there's no point keeping everyone's expectations high only to disappoint ;w;

SO- yes, it's happening- 

I'm gonna leave C: Not necessarily forever! I just want y'all to know I won't be coming on anymore, unless I, for some reason, REAAALLy want to RP something. My characters will be kept of course! But, I just want you to know I won't be here anymore (maybe once in a blue moon, who knows?)

Perhaps one day my spark for RP will return! But, for now

bye <3

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Reply _.kitescar._
8:01 PM on January 6, 2018 
Misty, I'm honnored to have been able to rp with your main character Misty. And I'm sorry I wasn't on more to be around. But if you ever read this you should definitely email me @ katiemad01@gmail.com miss you so much! Definitely come back!
Reply _.kitescar._
7:58 PM on January 6, 2018 
Reply Nightwing~Pinky~
7:56 PM on September 14, 2017 
*Cries* I'm gonna miss youuuuuuuu ;A;
Reply [Founder Stalker] Julia(Springy)
4:46 PM on September 14, 2017 
meep meep, i cant ever contact youuu .-. you're not on anything
Reply [Founder Stalker] Julia(Springy)
11:25 AM on August 15, 2017 
are you perhaps on discord or something? cause i dont see y ou online on skype, nor do i check it really
Reply equinox
9:40 PM on August 8, 2017 
you are one my dearest friends on the site, and i love to rp and chat with you at every occasion. i'm sad that you've decided to go, but i think that will happen to me too in possibly a year or even in several months, so i understand your situation. im not disappointed that you're leaving to pursue what's important to you, but i will definitely miss you!

ilysm, please drop by some time~ and best of luck in your hobbies and interests.

c: frosty
Reply wind frost ~ Windy~ ( plz check profile )
7:25 PM on August 8, 2017 
bye misty
Reply Blue
2:53 AM on August 8, 2017 
Wow....sorry to see that you left
Reply [Founder Stalker] Julia(Springy)
10:09 AM on August 1, 2017 
i dont have your skype? can you tell me it?
Reply Macy [Check Profile <3]
2:27 PM on July 24, 2017 
Ofc! Always~
Reply ace
1:46 PM on July 24, 2017 
aaaaaaa it's sad to see you go ;n; good luck in life wherever it takes you! don't forget to drop in every few months or something -oratleastonceayear-
Reply Nighteh
1:14 PM on July 24, 2017 
you will surely be dearly missed. don't forget to come back once in a while or you'll get "MISTY WHERE ARE YOU" on your profile between months xDD
Awh Misty, I'm sad to see you go. You're one of the old members that I remember- Honestly it seems like all the old members are leaving! *long sigh* But I'll miss you bud, remember that we still exist and are sending you hugs
Reply [Founder Stalker] Julia(Springy)
1:01 PM on July 24, 2017 
Kanonno617@gmail.com XD add me when yu can and ignore me about rp, we don't need to I just miss them but I would love to just chat
Reply Macy [Check Profile <3]
12:52 PM on July 24, 2017 
I'll miss seeing you in OOC, as you were always very welcoming and fun to talk to ^^ I hope to see you again soon on that note, do check in every once in a while c:
Reply [Founder Stalker] Julia(Springy)
11:44 AM on July 24, 2017 
Aw.. darn it rip aven and charlotte, unless we can do it over Skype? Like eventually not now but ye, take care and have fun ^.^
Reply Misty's Farewell - Check Profile <3
2:56 PM on June 27, 2017 
Sadly I won't be able to come on for about 2-3 weeks, due to a tON of stuff happening irl :C BuT after that it's my Summer holiday, which means I have almost 7 weeks of free time!! SooOO i'll be popping on occasionally over the next few weeks and then be more active over summer! smile
Reply Nightwing
3:02 PM on June 20, 2017 
Reply frosty
7:15 PM on June 18, 2017 
Reply Misty's Farewell - Check Profile <3
4:03 PM on June 15, 2017 
I'm just coming on to tell y'all: I'm camping all weekend with no signal, data or wifi. THEEREEEFORE i won't be on till late Sunday/Monday! See y'all in a few days~

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