We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it



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23 years old
United States
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Warrior Cats RPG Defend Your Clan Forever

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Name / Age (birth date) / Rank / Parents / Relations

Deceased / RPer / Female / Male /


Paleposie / 12 moons (8/25/17) / Warrior / Honeyblossom (mother, deceased), Stormcall (father, deceased) / Stonetree (former mentor), Sparrowpaw (apprentice Foxeh)

Twigkit / 4 moons (5/20/17) / Kit / Mint (mother, deceased), Patchfrost (father, deceased) / Russetsun (future mentor, Foxeh), Thrushkit (friend, Tivy), Sprucekit (dislike, Flap)

Fawnkit / 0 moons (9/9/17) / Unborn Kit / Amberflame (mother Amb), Aspenberry (father Nighteh) / None


Runningflame / 15 moons (6/14/16) / Warrior / Whitefang (mother, deceased), Goldensun (father, deceased) / Minkrunner (former mentor), Palepaw (apprentice Foxeh )

Crescentkit / 4 moons (5/20/17) / Kit / Mint (mother, deceased), Patchreed (father, deceased) / Robinsong (future mentor, Amb)


Reedripple / 24 moons (9/5/15) / Warrior / Lilian (mother, deceased), Mikey (father, deceased) / Kinkriver (former mentor), Amberkit (future apprentice Foxeh)

Ripplekit / 4 moons (5/20/17) / Kit / Mint (mother, deceased), Patchfrost (father, deceased) / Oceanmist (future mentor Smoke), Firekit (acquaintance Nighteh)


Shadowspirit / 22 moons (10/31/15) / Warrior / Blueshine (mother, deceased), Darkfox (father, deceased) / Lightshiver (former mentor)

Ashpaw / 10 moons (11/14/16) / Apprentice / Featherwing (mother, deceased), Charredspirit (father, deceased) / Shademist (mentor Pud), Spiderpaw (future crush Foxeh)


Mosswhisper / 23 moons (10/9/15) / Medicine Cat / ??? (deceased) / Cloudtail (former mentor), Puddleshine (acquaintance Pud)

Brighteyes / 18 moons (3/16/15) / Warrior / Littleshine (mother, deceased), Cloudleap (father, deceased) / Treejump (former mentor), Puddleshine (friend/future crush Pud )


Shard / 10 moons / 11/1/16 / Apprentice / Lark (mother, deceased), Gorse (father, deceased) / Night (mentor Amb)

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Reply novocaine
6:29 PM on September 3, 2017 
the kits will have time to age up to apprentice age while they're getting used to everything (powers, seeing the trail, etc) and so far the current cats are from diff age groups ^^ ty for the feedback
Reply Nighteh
1:35 AM on September 2, 2017 
Reply Eagle
6:11 PM on October 22, 2014 
Kitten! are you back? :D You probably don't remember me... Anyways, I'm Eagle, in case you forgot :P
Reply Nighteh
1:19 AM on July 5, 2014 
Your cat Lilybloom(Of SHC) is the mentor of my cat, Snowpaw :3
Reply Blue
7:04 PM on June 18, 2014 
OMG!!!!!! Eeeeek! Ok now I HAVE to stay! Besides I don't want to make Tawnykit sad. XD
Reply Nightfrost and Co.
8:14 AM on June 16, 2014 
thx ^^
Reply Lilybreeze
12:14 AM on June 15, 2014 
Happy Birthday~
Reply Birchflurries
9:07 PM on June 14, 2014 
Happy Birthday Kitten! *showers with sparkles*
Reply What
5:10 PM on June 14, 2014 
oh okay lol. thanks owo
Reply Eagle
5:14 PM on June 13, 2014 
HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!! *throws glitter in the air* Sorry I won't be on tomorrow most likely so I wanted to wish u an early b-day c:
Reply Blue
8:20 AM on June 3, 2014 
*eats your profile picture*
Reply ~Hawk & Others~
2:55 AM on June 3, 2014 
*steals cookies*
Reply Birchflurries
11:18 PM on June 2, 2014 
COOKIES! *eats a million cookies from your profile*
Reply DawnFlight~goddess of HETALIA :3
3:30 PM on March 31, 2014 
Thanks :3 I'm sure to let u know if i need help :D
THanks so much ^^"
(gives a waffle to uz :)
Reply Nettle
1:37 PM on March 12, 2014 
Reply _.kitescar._
5:17 PM on March 3, 2014 
Kitescar and duskstone cuddleing with each other
sencery- what ever you wanna do
Kitescar- pure white she cat, with one blue and one green
duskstone- you can find what he looks like on thorns profile
Reply Nighteh
10:40 AM on February 9, 2014 
Awww *huggles* Sorry I wasn't on to cheer you up Kitten. Don't be away too long! Dawnheart, Yellowpaw and Greypaw will surely miss you! (And whatever other cats that I have included with your cats x3) AND CONGRATS ON COTW! You totally deserved it! :)
Reply Misty's Farewell - Check Profile <3
4:32 AM on February 9, 2014 
Yay your COTW! Well done! I'm so upset your not going to play as much, and I enjoyed rping with you yesterday, you saved Eternal... THANK YOU!!!!!!! I love your new SkyClan charrie :D He is awesome.
Reply ~Raine~
3:52 PM on February 8, 2014