We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it



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We cannot change our destiny we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it
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Reply [Founder Stalker] Julia(Springy)
9:44 AM on August 29, 2017 
is there anytime that we can rp ? i keep missing you or something
Reply Light~Sea~
1:15 PM on August 9, 2017 
Come here childdd! We have the kittens ready for you to choose!!
Reply frosty
11:24 PM on August 8, 2017 
equinox: It wasn't unflattering to have his blind friend act friendly towards only a selective few; Obliviongaze included, but he was truly keen on his clanmates getting along. That was even more important when regarding Flamespark. Hoping that the tom would warm up to at least Honeyfire, the young leader continued his conversation with the she-cat to encourage Flamespark to jump in. "Busy," He admitted with a sigh, "But I don't hate it. About that patrol you suggested yesterday, I think I may organise one tomorrow. Would you like to join me?" He prompted.
wind frost ~ Windy~ ( plz check profile ): " Of course." She said, smiling. " It will be nice to get out of camp." She added, picturing the forest. She had been confined to the camp for quite a while, and the idea of leaving for a little while was quite exiting for her.
Reply Blue
2:33 AM on August 8, 2017 
Reply Imperfect-Tea A.K.A~Nightlight~
6:46 PM on August 6, 2017 
Hey! I'm so sorry, I havent been on this website much for the past year or so, and I just got your comment, so i apologize profusely

Yes, I do indeed have commissions and prices, which you can find on my DA page here:http://imperfect-tea.deviantart.com/

I know that that was a long shot, but it would be a pleasure to be commissioned by you.

I also have a small event where you can get pixels for very cheap, so if you are interested, please take a look and let me know!
Reply frosty
2:18 PM on June 25, 2017 
i says...
Was she avoiding the answer to protect herself from the realisation of truth, or simply because answering him was a reminder of everything she had lost? But Revan, he had nothing else to lose but his life. The prince accepted her ambiguity without questioning her, his own gaze faltering to drift towards their feet when the Red seemed to distance herself from him at his single touch. He didn't blame her, because did he not deserve all the mistrust and resentment of the Reds? He was responsible for their families' deaths and their agonising losses. While the touch was gentle in its accidental contact, he too, couldn't help but recoil. His heart was chilled, the ice layered upon him too thickly. Revan wondered if she saw that in him, her hazel stare as empty as though she had been shattered from within. "...You may-" Revan's voice was slightly hoarse, as if he had been screaming, but Lark cut him off unintentionally with her sudden change of mine. "I think you do, I-" This time he hesitated, the words faltering into a whisper that was maybe never audible. The sounds of quiet sobs reverberated in the dungeons, the chamber echoing involuntarily. Despite the girl's attempt to hide the fact that she was crying, her body language projected Lark's sorrowing. Revan
i says...
the sound of crying like it was his own; the tears that were shed because of him had been an almost daily occurrence. His composure, dented before, now fractured slightly more. It was unnerving to see someone so strong broken by the Silvers -
i says...
by him
. An unnamed emotion pricked at his heart, the sensation too complicated to describe. "Lark," He breathed, the name as
Reply equinox
11:04 AM on June 21, 2017 
self note - update sheer's page
Reply frosty
3:02 PM on June 20, 2017 
hachi : "Wait, you don't want to say good-bye?" Calamitypaw rushed after his reckless friend, eyes round with mild surprise. He wasn't shocked that Midnightpaw was being impulsive as she usually was, but her affection for her mother never ceased before. Calamitypaw paused to purr at her attempt to leave camp, and brushed his flank against hers to allow her the knowledge that he was beside her immediately. Since it was progressively getting darker and closer to dusk, he doubted that Midnightpaw would be able to find her way on her own anyway.
Reply frosty
2:38 PM on June 20, 2017 
Misty ~CHECK PROFILE~: Swiftpaw was out, alone, as usual. The information Lynxshadow had brought him was very unsettling, and the hole in her paw had set him on edge for days. He shivered, walking over a huge hill in the moors, the grass tickling his paws. Glancing up ,he noticed a cat, his age, rushing through the coarse grass, chasing a rabbit. He watched, unfazed, the wind rustling his ginger pelt.
hachi : Okay, got it! Honeypaw forced a burst of speed into her limbs, eyes widening when she actually thought that the rabbit would collapse into her paws. Then she missed. It happened so quickly, the apprentice wasn't sure if she had slipped or if the rabbit was too fast. Probably both. Her limbs sprawled into a mess, disappointment and embarrassment causing her to grit her teeth. The shape of the rabbit grew smaller and smaller as it nearly disappeared into the moor grass. Sitting up immediately, Honeypaw spat out clumps of dirt, disgust flickering across her face. I can't blame Moonspirit for this, but he should've mentored me more before he disappeared.
Reply frosty
9:46 PM on June 19, 2017 
hachi : Dread and panic seeped into the tom's core, his own frame trembling slightly with unpleasant surprise. "A-Ah, don't cry!" He protested, softening immediately at her tears. "Midnightpaw, I'm not mad." He soothed, bright eyes rounding with guilt. Naturally, he would have recoiled at physical contact, but his best friend was one of the only cats he could endure touching him occasionally. Calamitypaw waited patiently for her sobs to die down before he spoke up, pressing his chin atop her head in a comforting gesture. His heart skipped a beat at her last words, the almost-confession squeezing his insides quite painfully. What's happening? He scrunched his nose in puzzlement, but ignored the feeling to focus on Midnightpaw. "I understand; if you really want to leave the clans, I'll come with you. I promise I won't leave you by yourself." He murmured, "Think about it first. We're all scared of the enemy, but do you think Starclan would abandon us? We need to try. Your family, our clanmates - they need us, too. I might need you as much as you need me, but so does Shadowclan. If we don't stand by Slenderstar, then who will? Shadowclan needs every warrior and apprentice it can get."
Reply frosty
6:50 PM on June 19, 2017 
hachi : As Midnightpaw scrambled to her paws, Calamitypaw straightened his frame only slightly to meet her eye level, not having to stand due to his friend's shorter height. At her mockery of his voice, he began to bristle playfully, "I don't sound like that, frogbrain!" He protested, but the teasing tone died down at her genuine ferocity. "...Oh. I think-" Shock seeped in his system at her mannerisms, recoiling as if she had physically clawed him. "I didn't say that. When have I ever questioned what you said?" He stood this time, hurt cracking open the warmth in his expression and chilling it to the point of sudden coldness. "Don't jump to conclusions on your own. You're not useless. You can hunt and protect your clan perfectly fine. Did someone say that to you?" His frown deepened as Calamitypaw fixated his narrowed stare on the she-cat. "They won't kill us. We'll fight to the end."
Reply frosty
1:21 PM on June 19, 2017 
Macy (Tea King): She kept her eyes on him for a moment, still not completely trusting. She pulled her blood-stained white silk shirt a bit closer to herself with a small huff, before looking down to her satchel, quickly opening it, sorting through it with one hand. It's still there. Good. She internally reassured herself at the sight of the folded up photograph. Briefly, she closed the satchel, mask angling back up to Pisces. "What's your plan from here?" She questioned, voice ever so slightly muffled by the mask. "Namely, what're you planning to do to avoid police? You were seen with a renowned criminal-- you're gonna be believed to be an accomplice. They might even order a kill-on-sight for you, like me. That'd put you in a bad position." She warned, searching his face, mostly just to see how he'd react to her words.
Reply frosty
1:21 PM on June 19, 2017 
Nightwing~Pinky~: Midnightpaw couldn't help but giggle at Calamity's response, assuming that she was mistaken for someone else, "Heya, Calamitypaw." She sat down and curled her fluffy tail around her paws.staring at him with bright eyes, "It sure is hot today, huh? It's worse for me though, the sun seems to not like me anymore and keeps shining on me almost everywhere I go, not to mention my fur is longer than most." She looked up at the sky, seeing it's yellow white and blue, along with little specks of black and brown whizzing around like mad, "I hope it rains soon, so it doesn't feel so dry here." She returned her gaze to her only friend, closing her eyes to ease her dizzy head from all the chaos she saw, "How have you been? We haven't talked in a while, so you must have some story to tell!"
Reply frosty
1:20 PM on June 19, 2017 
Sun the Gay RP Dealer(Resident Hufflepuff): The orange tabby smiled widely, green eyes bright. "I'll do my very best to defend myself, but my first concern is always gonna be keeping you alive. That's what any good deputy should do."// Owlfeather merely smiled at the other tom, a relaxed expression, not noticing anything was off with him. "Hopefully we can handle them," he purred with a chuckle.
Reply frosty
1:20 PM on June 19, 2017 
hachi : Honeypaw scrunched up her nose in distaste."Only in leafbare." She admitted, then stood to meet his gaze properly instead of having to tip her head back uncomfortably. "Too skinny," She scolded as she corrected his statement. "It's almost greenleaf; why don't you indulge a little?" She questioned, shaking out her mussed fur.
Light~Sea~Garjzla: Icepaw grinned and laughed. He smiled as she stood and shrugged at her remarks. "I went without much food this long, I can continue" he meowed with a light shrug and a half attempt at a smile
Reply frosty
10:36 PM on June 18, 2017 
Nightwing : "Who'd you want to have kits with, though?" Interrogated Flamespark, who's attention snapped to Obliviongaze. "After all, they might not even be able to have kits, no matter how much they'd want them." He blurted out rather defensefully.
hachi : "I'm still young, I don't need to decide that yet, right?" Obliviongaze dodged the question uneasily. "That's true, my bad." He agreed, expression suddenly shifting into discomfort. "I really want my mate to be happy, whoever they may be. So I guess I'd adopt, since we have a lot of kits who need adoptive parents." He glanced wistfully at Flamespark, keeping his maw shut in case something unnecessary slipped out. Well, if Flamespark does find someone he likes, they better make him happy.
Reply frosty
10:18 PM on June 18, 2017 
hachi : "That's true," Hickorypaw pricked his ears at the praise, "but the correct answer should've been that you're strong enough to protect yourself, y'know? Otherwise, you're not my deputy." He flicked his tail over the other tom's nose. // Openfeather flushed at the thought of making friends with his clanmates, as immature as the thought was. He purred lightly in response, "No problem. I'm sure they'll be a pawful together, anyway." (moors?)hachi : "That's true," Hickorypaw pricked his ears at the praise, "but the correct answer should've been that you're strong enough to protect yourself, y'know? Otherwise, you're not my deputy." He flicked his tail over the other tom's nose. // Openfeather flushed at the thought of making friends with his clanmates, as immature as the thought was. He purred lightly in response, "No problem. I'm sure they'll be a pawful together, anyway." (moors?)
Reply frosty
10:27 PM on June 17, 2017 
hachi : Openfeather nodded in acknowledgement at Owlfeather, ears flicking towards the other. "Congratulations on your apprentice." He mewed quietly. // Hickorypaw parted his maw to speak, a hiccup bursting from his lungs instead. "...Oops. I guess when I'm really nervous, I hiccup." He ducked his head in embarrassment, but managed to add, "Congrats."
Sun the Gay RP Dealer(Resident Hufflepuff): Owlfeather smiled softly at Openfeather. "Thank you, and congratulations to you, too. Hopefully we both train them well," he purred.// Sunpaw nudged him gently. "Hey, no worries! You're an apprentice! Be happy! And congratulations to you, too! You're gonna do awesome!"
Reply frosty
9:59 PM on June 17, 2017 
Fennec Foxeh: She shook her head, looking tired since she'd just woken up. "Yeah, it does suck. I'd kill for a game of mossball." She looked around the packed nursery, picking up the sound of quiet murmuring between queens. "All the queens are worried about it. Mom says we're gonna be okay, though." She shivered a bit. The nursery was shaded and a little chilly, and she wanted nothing more than to take a nap in the sun.
hachi : "I wish we could fight back." He mused aloud, a dangerous thought loud enough that caused many queens to cast alarmed glances his way. "Mum doesn't tell me much." He admitted, sweeping his amber gaze slowly over the slightly dim nursery. "I'm actually kind of bored," The kit groaned, deciding to turn his mind away from the threat of the gang cats. "Any ideas?" He prompted at Stormkit, recalling her name despite their minimal interaction, "Stormkit?"
Reply Nighteh
3:53 PM on June 9, 2017 
added ^^