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"...these new flocks are nothing but vultures."

welcome to ace's alt xD there's nothing really here, though I'll probably be switching between this account and my main one just for the fun of it.

ace [main]
plot idea:
so since I royally screwed up on the last prophecy, I wanted to give myself another go on making a plot that many of you guys can be satisfied with, but not be forced to participate -- this time, I don't need any donations, just a mutual approval ^^

so basically, while clan cats are out on patrol or hunting, they start disappearing. at first it isn't too bad, only about one cat every two nights or so. but then when more start disappearing - even from dens in the middle of the night, it gets concerning. the clan cats, while usually isolated are put into a 'trance' of sorts, like they were under mind control. they walk a long distance to an unknown area (farther than the rocky clearing), and should anyone follow them they would either end up falling under the trance as well or giving up from exhaustion. when the cats snap out of it (or wake up if they end of passing out from exhaustion), they find themselves in a large clearing where there's a cave in the center of it. inside is large glowing crystals, but the clan cats that are now stranded here have no idea what to do with it, so they wait for help by trying to go through with life normally (e.g hunting, making nests, etc.) one cat from each main clan is chosen to be the prophecy cat for their clan, and they can see a faint trail (only they can see it) that leads to the clearing far away. the prophecy cats are also unable to be put into the trances caused by the crystals. when they realize their gifts and get to become acquaintanced with each other while learning to control their newfound powers, they slowly begin to prepare for the journey there. cats with powers (mainly wings/transportation abilities) can't use their powers to find the clearing, due to the crystals emitting an energy over an area surrounding and within the clearing, messing with their powers (making them be active/suddenly stop working without them without being aware of it, such as hail inadvertently freezing the ground while walking or slender's wings suddenly not working, will elaborate more on this with other cats once the plot starts). this would include this prophecy's cats. once the cats reach the clearing, it's almost like the moonstone where they have to touch their nose to the crystals. they are put into a sleep where they have to face their fears, and should they conquer them and awaken, the crystals are shut down. then, they will lead the stranded cats back to their clans with the worries of trances coming to an end.

comments? suggestions? comment on here if there's feedback c: ty

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Reply Crescentkit
6:10 PM on September 3, 2017 
It sounds interesting and it would be unique if the cats were from different age groups possibly. The only thing about what I'm suggesting is that if there were kits in this prophecy, they'd have to wait a bit to journey in order for the kit(s) to be apprentices in order to leave camp.
Reply Loki `~,Uriel,~`
6:00 PM on September 3, 2017 
0O0 DAS COOL ID 100% DO IT THO ((maybe not 100 cause life yah kno?))

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