We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it



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We cannot change our destiny we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it
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Reply Blue
9:47 PM on September 24, 2017 
Love you
Reply [Founder Stalker] Julia(Springy)
8:48 PM on September 9, 2017 
no, no that's all fine and good xD
Reply [Founder Stalker] Julia(Springy)
11:59 PM on September 5, 2017 
Mmm, so maybe we can rp tomorrow if anything?
Reply equinox
9:15 PM on September 2, 2017 
equinox: There it was, the so-called disgusting rebel of a Red who simply refused to accept that a Silver's word was law. The girl's sarcasm would be her free ticket to either endless torture, or eternal imprisonment in Whitefire's misleadingly exquisite walls of diamondglass. Affording to humour her, he remained quiet, as if intending to appear speechless behind the curtain of nonchalance. Her tone had oozed subtle sarcasm, anyway. Revan was fully aware that he had scared her, worsening their knotted relationship of misunderstandings and faults. "Yeah, I would think so." He only offered those words as a response, neither a comfort nor a punishment. Despite the confidence that he emitted in the sheer frigidity of his demeanour, he was powerless. He knew, for a fact, that his ability had been drained from his body; something leeching on its presence and pulling it away from his clutches. It frustrated him - that it was there for him to skim, but not to hold. I hate you. The statement of strong feeling was not directed at anyone in particular - perhaps everyone or only himself. It was a first; a passionate anger that sparked within him due to stress or something unrelated. He hated Lark for her inability to comprehend. He hated the Silver who cursed him. He maybe even hated his parents for their incompetence at being parents. And yet, he hated himself most. He nearly lashed out, even without the hemokinesis tingling at his fingertips, shadowing his every thought. The pensiveness of Lark's words, emitted just before she chose to leave him alone with his thoughts and a newly-awakened blaze of sudden fury, cut the outrage from its circuit. Cold tendrils of the remaining irritation seeped through his blood instead, and a dry laugh escaped his lips. "I'm always afraid." He snapped, the sudden burst of an angered tone spiking through the tense air between them. "A pawn like me shouldn't be, but I too, can die. If I really wanted to end Norta's rebels and enemies, I couldn't anyway. My own blood vessels would explode at the exertion, and I still can't deny the order of the King or Queen. Every day I wonder if it's my last, dying because of some 'noble' cause that only exists for political benefit. And what good would that do? The war between Silvers and Reds won't end, no matter how many I kill or if I die." His worse fear was voiced, words strung along in some sick escalating chain. Painful sorrow and resentment simmered in his stomach, his words laced with the same conflicting emotions. "Satisfied?" Revan whirled on Lark, anticipating her flinch like a morbid game of charades, and spitting the word out as if it was disgusting. His crimson gaze wavered slightly, narrowed into shards as they pinned themselves on the mistrustful Red. With a heavy exhale, he was unable to compose himself. This rare moment of vulnerability was more sickening than the loss of his hemokinesis. "Get out." He uttered his command as he averted his hooded optics, the burn of varying emotions scorching his every breath and thought. (idk this is ACTUALLY WRITING IM PROUD OF saving for ref)
Reply Nightwing
6:49 PM on August 26, 2017 
just so u kno, i claim one of obi's babies
Reply Smokebomb
6:48 AM on August 25, 2017 
b my santa
Reply Nighteh
1:20 PM on August 19, 2017 
Reply ace
1:31 PM on August 18, 2017 
Reply Blue
8:54 PM on August 13, 2017 
Reply Macy [Check Profile <3]
7:56 PM on August 13, 2017 
f r O S T Y
Reply Blue
11:13 PM on August 12, 2017 
-clears throat loudly- HELLO
Reply Nightwing
9:14 PM on August 9, 2017 
Ok but what if... The cat he cheated on Flame with was a she-cat and she ended up having Oblivion's kits?

(we could go at this two ways- sad, angst, or a more fun way in which Obi is still mates with Flame and the kits of the she-cat just really really hate Obi for Doing That and then they all slowly bond together)
Reply Nightwing
8:47 PM on August 9, 2017 
Reply equinox
9:24 PM on August 8, 2017 
FennecFoxeh - Today at 8:59 PM
She purred in amusement, keeping her chin above water as the moved deeper. The current tugged at her fur, the cold water numbing the scars on her sides, but she kept herself calm and fluid in the water. "Thank you," she mewed with a smile. "Don't panic if a fish brushes your paw. It still gives me shivers when they do that," she admitted, her tone light with amusment. The stream wasn't much wider, so the water levels would start lowering again if they went much further.
frosty - Today at 9:23 PM
Before Snowfox managed to warn him, a cold, slightly scaled substance glided past flank, darting away quickly once he flinched his body in response. "I can see why." Obliviongaze gasped, squirming in distaste. Once he did so, his body nearly dropped like a stone in water until he resumed kicking his paws in their deliberate movements. "I think I have the hang of it." The chocolate-point Siamese lifted his chin once more, this time with pride. Gradually drifting away from Snowfox, he churned his paws against the current with more difficulty due to the lack of support, yet he was managing alone. It's actually kind of tiring... Obliviongaze noticed, once he had been swimming back and forth across the middle of the stream without his clanmate's aid. Swimming was depleting his energy as he used the last of it to head towards the shallow ends. The crooked rocks beneath his paws were slippery, but he preferred that to the empty heaviness of the water.
Reply equinox
8:46 PM on August 6, 2017 
Fennec Foxeh (Please Read Profile): "Sorry, it's a little cold. Your body adjusts to it after a few moments," she said, amusement edging her voice. She walked deeper into the water, until the cold waves brushed her chest. "You have to stretch out you legs every time you paddle, and make sure to keep your tail straight. It helps keep you balanced."
equinox: Obliviongaze decided to take her word for it, but the self-doubt reflected itself on his features. Uncomfortably, the tom attempted to mimic Snowfox's instuctions by physical means, struggling to coordinate his limbs and tail all at once. Think of hunting, it should be kind of the same. Moving different parts of your body at the same time. He could barely concentrate, and he abruptly lost balance as his face vanished beneath the surface of the water. He resurfaced quickly, spluttering in an alarmed panic. "Wha-! That was-" He coughed up the water, making a face at his prior experience.
Reply equinox
7:37 PM on August 4, 2017 
equinox: Obliviongaze's ears pricked as the tom met the deputy's pale hues, and he managed a smile in return despite his worry. "Ah, things could be better." He admitted, kneading the earth beneath his paws. The older tom's touch was a comfort as much as it was a surprise, and the Siamese blinked gratefully at Whitetiger. "Thank-you, I really needed to hear that." He replied, his muscles tense beneath the short-furred beige-mocha pelt. He listened intently to the other tom's report, nodding his appreciation for Whitetiger's initiative. "May Starclan guide his spirit," Obliviongaze murmured, pain darkening his features. We already have lost so much as a clan. The young leader shook his head, misery cloaking his cobalt optics. He tipped his head, weariness still clinging to his frame, as he addressed Whitetiger's question. "We should consider apprenticing the kits who are of age, and train them quickly. The clan has suffered enough, we should discuss a more effective method of training the current apprentices to be ready for any threat." The Siamese continued thoughtfully, raking his brain for any roots of problems that they had to be concerned about. Starclan, please guide me. His thoughts were tainted with self-doubt. Would his youth be filled with concerns that a careless warrior should not be affiliated with? Obliviongaze swept his own gaze across the camp clearing, following the older tom's stare. His clanmates had begun to pick up the pieces that had resulted from struggle and pain, starting anew from the mess that had almost destroyed Thunderclan. No, my clanmates are strong. So I must try too.
[S] Nighteh (LAWLESS' GANG): "They will turn up soon enough, Obliviongaze. No need to worry. We just have to have strength and build up again what we lost." Whitetiger mewed softly, his gaze stretched around the camp as he noted the cats that passed them by. They all appeared to be doing better despite the danger that had engulfed their clan. His eyes widened slightly as he saw a warrior stumble by with a bleeding leg, but he relaxed as he noticed who the warrior was. They always got in some kind of trouble, even if only tripping over their own paws. He flicked an ear, catching the young Leader's voice of appreciation and he looked back at the male. He didn't doubt the tom-cat one bit, but that was just the way Whitetiger went about himself. He could determine if Obliviongaze could handle this by his actions. And so far, he hadn't panicked and tried to run away from his newfound duties. "Of course." The tom mewed softly, finding his heart rate quicken at the mention of Starclan. He wondered if the tom had forgotten about the ban of speaking about Starclan out loud could do to him. Flashes of blood and violence crossed the tom's mind and it took all his strength to pull himself back out of the fray. He shuddered slightly and tried his best to focus on the male's next words. "I can go gather them now, if you wish. I believe there's at least six of them. Wait, we'd need to think of warriors to train them first, wouldn't we?" He looked to the side in thought, deep in thought. "If you would be okay with it, we could have a training group?" He glanced back up towards Obliviongaze, watching his face closely as the male turned to look around the camp. Whitetiger hoped that he could see hoe strong his clanmates were. Even in the face of danger, they were still able to move forward. "They need you as much as they need each other. This may be a big step for you, but soon enough you will get used to it. Remember, we are one. We do not act alone. We act together. If you are ever confused about something, talk to us. However small-minded Walnutpaw may seem, she is here with us too." He searched the tom's face for confirmation, as if trying to help him fit in to something much bigger than the both of them.
Reply Smokebomb
11:52 PM on July 31, 2017 
update my life
Reply Smokebomb
11:41 AM on July 23, 2017 
Reply Nighteh
9:02 PM on July 14, 2017 
but we neva on at da same time ;n;