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Reply grffinstar (nickname Susakura)
2:35 AM on June 25, 2016 
hello it has been awhile i feel old
This content has been removed due to abuse.
Reply MoonSpirit (A.K.A Brave)~*Is Now Chara*~
8:45 PM on March 10, 2016 
Your back .o.
Reply [Dead Stalker] Mottle/ Yeller
6:54 PM on August 27, 2015 
Reply Macy [Check Profile <3]
7:22 PM on August 25, 2015 
Sooooo you made this site 7 years ago? Wow thats a long time XD
Reply risingwave
11:37 PM on July 9, 2015 
Loofy ~(^~^)~
Reply [Co-Owner] Spirit of Silverfang
8:24 AM on June 9, 2015 
Hey Leaf once you see this, please contact me through either my email [You can find it in my PM or under the Member page while editing the website] or through PM, I have some important stuff I wish to speak to you about. [I've sent previous Emails/Pms, however I was unsure if you received them] Thanks !! Miss you
Reply Lichy
4:55 AM on May 18, 2015 
"Hi! I'm new! :) be my friend!" she purrs
Reply Songheart
8:14 PM on May 8, 2015 
A good thread would be Cat Adventures. This would be able to include many stories and can add maybe fanfics in this New Generation
Reply ace
9:25 AM on May 2, 2015 
Okay, y'all. If you didn't know, Leafy's busy. Ask one of the admins, instead of Leafy.
Reply Swanstream
3:40 AM on April 30, 2015 
I was wondering if I could join RiverClan but since I live in Korea I never can get on at the right time. I would like to be a kit, if possible.
I don't know exactly how you can help, maybe asking, I don't know. Well, if you could that be great, thanks!
Reply Nighteh
9:57 PM on April 11, 2015 
Hai, I don't mean to bother you...
But I was wondering if I could have a kit named Dalekit. A dale is a broad valley o3o
Reply Runningstream
1:14 AM on April 7, 2015 
Hey I'm wondering how the mobile website works.. it wont let m go to the camp chat box or anything.
Reply Pandora + Others
9:20 AM on February 16, 2015 
Hey Leafheart12!
Can I have a category called Moonshard's Stories? (In the writer's corner)
Reply Leafberry
1:37 AM on February 10, 2015 
Can i have a catagory in the writers corner please Leafy. I want it to be called Leafberry's stories.
Reply Leafberry
5:28 PM on January 19, 2015 
ur awesome leafy
Reply Nighteh
11:59 PM on December 6, 2014 
Oh, btw, My site's address has changed to: www.warriorsanewera.weebly.com
Just so you know :3
Reply warriorcat321
10:35 PM on November 19, 2014 
oreo is supposed to be a tom LOL x3 plz fix it
Reply Owlpaw
12:31 AM on September 28, 2014 
How do you become Leader or Deputy?