We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it


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17 years old
The Sherwood Forest
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Hi friends! My name is Eclipse, you can call me Eclipse, clippers, clipsey, whatever you want really. I am a senior warrior to the site, I've been here for almost 5 years now. That would be about 60 moons! Wow, I'm close to an elder... Oi I feel old... Anyways, I would like to think I am pretty friendly (and if I'm not then please comment and tell me) and I am accepting of whatever and whoever you are. On that note, I assume everyone is female, so if you are a guy or go by he/him pronouns then just let me know. It doesn't have to be a public announcment you can just pm me or comment and ask for me to delete it when I've read it. 

As far as rp goes, I am pretty open. My main charries are in the following: 

STC: Eclipseshimmer and Unknown (both elders)

RC: Sunpetal and Ravenscreech

WC: Addermoon, Jaysky, Emberjay and Airkit 

SHC: Littlemask and Rainshadow

BC: Thunder (HP, Deputy)

Gangs: Eclipse's Shadow (HP, Gang MC)

Rouges: Mouse 

So that's kinda it, if I am missing anything, let me know. BYEEEEE!!!!

Looking for my sites? Well here Yah go! Have Fun!!

Charrie Site

Thunder's Site

Eclipse's Shadow's Site 

 As some of you know, I have had the privilage of meeting my current boyfriend and I have found myself to be happiest with him than without. I know, I know. "EWWWWWWWWW BOY COOTIES!!!!" but it's not like that. I haven't been the same since I met him and he's shown me life without a computer. He's shown me life beyond the screen and for that I am greatful. But this isn't about him, this is about you guys. Please look at the link below.. I have made the document avalible to comments. 




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Reply Crescentkit
5:10 PM on September 9, 2017 
As the young cat's honey colored eyes wandered around, his eyes widened slightly when he spotted the deputy out. He jumped to his paws as he flicked his tail lightly. He padded over to Thunder before pausing in front of the tom, not wanting to seem as rude by just bluntly talking to the tom without acknowledgement first.
(saving post for Bloodclan)
Hey, I have a mentor for Squirrelkit if you want. Her name is Rainwing, and she's been a warrior for around five moons. She's positive, but she has high expectations. She's great at hunting, though fighting isn't her strong suit.
Your application for Whipserpaw is approved! We can RP them(and all our other numerous couples, lol) whenever you want!
Reply Sun the Gay RP Dealer(Resident Hufflepuff)
10:29 AM on March 17, 2017 
They can be if you want.
Reply Light~Sea~
6:39 PM on January 11, 2017 
Clipsy we needs to rp!! *giggles and sits on head*
Reply ~Turtle~ (Check prof.)
12:35 PM on December 9, 2016 
Approved c:
Reply Sun the Gay RP Dealer(Resident Hufflepuff)
11:53 AM on December 9, 2016 
Psssst what's your schedule
Reply Eclipsingshadows (Gang Medic)
9:54 PM on December 5, 2016 
:~Eclipseshimmer~: (Gang Medic & Vote): Looking slightly annoyed Kosey looked at him. "Not a treehouse." His voice was soft though full of annoyance. What did this guy want from him? He wasn't scared, he wouldn't be. Demons had little effect on him and due to some weird soul protecter spell his ancestors used, he would forever keep his soul even if he wanted to give it away. "What could you possibly want from me?" He asked out loud though mostly to himself.
Reply ace
8:30 PM on November 25, 2016 
confirmed both hawk and cloud :P future mate works xD
Hey clipse i saw water's comment... angel was already taken by minty
Reply Nighteh
8:44 AM on November 20, 2016 
is laughter and her sibs born yet? if not, when might they be born?
Reply Dovey <3
7:08 PM on November 18, 2016 
Eclipse you gave me perms to have Featherkit!!! ^^ Thank you!
Reply watermist
8:06 PM on October 16, 2016 
I want wolfkit
Reply watermist
2:02 PM on October 16, 2016 
i want angle the fox
Reply _.kitescar._
4:35 PM on October 9, 2016 
clipseeee sorry i ish da inactives. but i replied in DM
Reply Light~Sea~
6:55 PM on September 25, 2016 
*screams crazily* CAN I HAVE VIPER?? PLEASE?!
Reply ace
10:04 PM on September 18, 2016 
Can I adopt Hope?
Reply Sky
10:09 PM on September 11, 2016 
cat applying for:Heartkit
How active: everyday
How often?:EVERYDAY
rp sample: Heartkit smiled as she ran out pf the nursery. Her eyes were shining happily. It wqs her first time out of that dreaded nursery.
Reply ~Turtle~ (Check prof.)
8:32 PM on September 11, 2016 
Username: Turtlesnap7
Fox you're applying for: ANGEL THE SMOL CHILD
How active are you ?/7 days a week: 4 out of 7
How often will you rp this fox: FOREVER I LOVE HER
RP sample: *Angel let out a small yap, diving into a pile of leaves. She perked her small, fluffy russet head up, racing over to her mother and siblings again with bits of dried leaves stuck to her pelt.*
Reply Sky
8:32 PM on September 11, 2016 
Can i adpot a kit

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