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Jet the Hater of Youth


A thin framed jet black she-cat with very long legs. Her ears and tail are a pure white and her eyes are a fern green. the very top of her nose is also white. Jet has a very sour attitude, especially towards the younger cats and kits. She hates kits. But even through a sour tongue, she can come off as rather nice... enough. She is informative and follows orders, when she isn't busy  making her own for herself that is. Jet was born in Bloodclan to her mother and father. She was a big Daddy's girl, and followed everything her father spoke of. She believed he was the best cat in the world, however that image vanished when she learned she had other siblings, who were born with defects, however her father murdered them just after their birth. The genders weren't even known. This raged her, and she murdered him in the same cold blood he had murdered her siblings in. Jet's sour attitude and displeased personality came from the hatred she had for her father. Her bitchy side came from the anger she shared to her mother, who had done nothing to prevent Ever from killing the other kits. Jet felt no sadness when Tawnystripe died, in fact she felt pleased. She believed Tawny deserved it for letting Ever murder her siblings. Jet grew up in the clan slowly, never taking much eye from anyone unless she snapped at them. Upon becoming a warrior, she started to form a hatred for Kits, finding them irritating and unneeded. She however is a loyal warrior, taking what is needed to be done to a whole new level. When she became deputy, she was rather shocked. But now? She'd going to use the position to her advantage. She has no mate and her apprentice is Frost. 

Kits: Pipitkit, Ebonykit

"I don't want to hurt cats, I just want to put them in their place" 




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A thin, brown tabby tom with wide amber eyes and a scar across his left cheek. He is commanding and funny, though currently is very serious and even a bit depressed. Mostly, he keeps to himself. Owl is very solitary, though most who do not know him would call him laid-back. Okie so I first spawned Owl with Sky and Violet. When he became MCA, a cat named Maze got injured and she ended up staying in the MC den with him for a while. They eventually developed a mutual crush on each other. Maze complained of feeling weird and Owl realized she was pregnant, but since he was still an apprentice-aged cat and she just became a warrior, they weren't his kits. He was really mad and pretty depressed because he had committed himself fully to Maze and always thought that they'd become mates when they were of-age. This guy, Shadow, came into the picture and ended up being the father of her kits, but was a pretty rude guy. Owl eventually stopped caring about Maze as much as he did and just focused on his duties until he found out that Shadow and Maze hated each other. It took him some time, but he warmed back up to Maze. Eventually, Maze cheated on him yet again, except this time with Nygel, and Owl was furious. Owl attempted to fight Nygel a few times though always ended up failing, and that resulted in him getting a few scars. Owl had given up and ended up falling for a she-cat named Eclipse. Eclipse was his world. A rumor floated over to him, and he learned that Nygel and Maze had broken up. Eclipse started hearing a voice in her head, and Owl found that he was also going insane while trying to keep up with his new lover. He felt as if their relationship would end up toxic as his and Mazes' had. He was even a little scared of what Eclipse would do with that voice in her head. As a result of the voice, Eclipse left the Clan, and Owl encouraged her to, as he was hoping that if she left she would have a better life. One day, Owl was out collecting herbs when he found that Maze was in danger. He saved her from a monster, and they ended up re-bonding. He was ecstatic when he found out she was expecting his kits. However, Maze wasn't yet done with Nygel, and asked him to take her back. Nygel refused, and as a result, Maze ran away from BloodClan, taking Owl's unborn kits with her. As the word got down to Owl, he was extremely angry and upset. Maze returned with their now-born kits a few moons later, and Owl only pretended to be on good-terms with her for their kits. Eventually they had a serious discussion about the cheating matter and became mates again.

Mate: Maze (for whatever reason)

"Do you think I haven't been through this? I know what I'm talking about. I know that you can't give up when the world is falling apart around you. It can all get better."





Healer's Apprentice

Known by the alias of Flicker, this apprentice is feisty, sarcastic, and rude. How one could ever see him as material for anything was surprising, but he was in Bloodclan, home of terror. Born to a kittypet in a small London apartment, Flicker quickly learned that he needed something more than free food. One night, he quickly escaped the Twoleg Bastille and padded along, learning as a young cat, how to hunt and such. One day, he was taken from the alleyway and given to another family, yet this was merely temporary. A moon after this imprisonment, he left for a clan that supposedly chose evil and survival over morals-perfect for a cat like him. So, by the age of a young five moons, he found his adopted father, Quick, who took him in and sent him to Bloodclan. Noticing the feisty kit's large stature, Nygel, the former leader, began to train him, until he got sick. As Nygel's weaknesses wretched Flicker's apprenticeship, he sought towards the medicine cat, Owl. Owl seemed to dislike him, but Flicker wouldn't stop from gaining attention. As Jetfern rose to power, Flicker began to notice how he was never trained much at all. Nygel had stopped completely. To comply, he visited the Healer's Den even more commonly, pretending to be sick. Eventually, somehow, he stuck to it, and Owl chose him as his successor. That was, if Flicker could survive the curse that tormented the Healer's Apprentices. However, Flicker has begun to strive and quickly starts to learn his herbs well. Maybe one day he could help Bloodclan rise to a power so great, no one could stop them.






























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