We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it



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Raven's Heart

Elder Curer 

Born to Russetburr and Firestone, the young Ravenkit was a peculiar kitten of ShadowClan. She had quite a unique appearance- a tuxedo feline, with icy blue eyes, and a single black stripe on her nose. Her scent is one of pine, mint, and quite strangely, herbs That was because she was attracted to herbs, just as her aunt, Songfeather was. Not that she knew that they were related, but she often visited the older medicine cat in her den...but that changed. As time passed, she was pulled into the influence of the Dark Forest as an apprentice, fascinated by gore and blood. As a warrior, Ravenheart had made the choice to leave for the gangs, as she was framed for many murders within the Clan. Strangely, none of them were committed by her. As a Gang cat, the feline known as Renegade's Revenge was a ruthless killer, but she wasn't loyal to the new leader. When it came to the time that they decided to betray the leader, she had struck the 'killing blows', before running off, ashamed of what she had done. Running across the reforming DarkClan, she knew that...she had found her new home. Finding that the 'renegade' inside her had vanished, she reclaimed her name of Raven's Heart, and this feline sees DarkClan as her final destination.

Parents: Russetburr, Firestone

Sister: Avalanche  

Aunts: Songfeather, Pinekit, Applekit 

Grandparents:  Cherryheart, Greenheart 

"I'm no longer the renegade I was...I just...want to find a home...and my purpose" 

-Raven's Heart



Curer Helper
A pitch black muscular tom with green eyes. His paws are dark grey. He's tall and lean, although no noticeable scars run across his shiny pelt. He has a terrifying aura that he gives off- with his large appearance and judgemental eyes. On the battlefield, he's merciless and seems to be unaffected by everything- including deaths of his enemies and friends. Only those he truly cares about can see underneath his exterior- however no one has been able to break his shell yet.


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