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 Hey Everyone!


Gosh, it's been... what? Five? 6 years that I've been on the site? Man... So I guess writing this is going to be hard? Like, what do I say to a community that I had been a part of for so very long? That I devoted so many years to? It's hard... But here I go...


I guess I should start with I'm leaving the site now. I feel like it's my time to hit the road. I have actually felt that for months now, but had been hesitant. I mean... it had been my entire life at one point (crazy right?) But that's just how much I love the community created.


Don't worry! I don't regret the time I've spent here. And I feel like you guys deserve more than just an I quit


 SO what about my time here...

This site has made me laugh more times than I can even count. All the inside jokes like Gangsterstar and Shadow's law still make me laugh to this day, even if it was a super long time ago that it had happened. Even messing with the HP descriptions was fun. I'll forever have Soulstar's descriptions screenshotted on my phone as well as many other fun moments. To this day, I still have the moment Couragestar was named deputy on my phone. And let's not forget Hailfrost (Like you could, I mean, come on guys #HailforOverlord) Man... Hail... Easily one of my most favorite cat character I created on this site. He very much reflects me, myself, you know, if I had a ton of angst and the ability to freeze the earth. (Oh man just think of if I had that lol Chaos) And BrightxHail will always be my OTP.

Y'all have put up with my craziness for this long, and some of you are even more crazy than I lol Yes, I'm talking about you night, nighters, pinky, breeze, and omg the list just goes on. It would be an entire letter of just names if I went on (love you lol) The community here has been the most weird, crazy, hyper, eccentric community that I have ever been a part of.

I have met so many wonderful people during my time here. Some of which are gone. Some of which lasted only like a few months (I'll always miss you Bree and LazeMcMaze!) Some of which have left and we keep wondering when the heck they are going to come back!! (like Lumi and Trini and White and Mottle and Fallen) Some of which I've grown so close to that I can't even believe it. The people like Flap and Robby and Song and Ash and Smoke are those that I'll ALWAYS hold close and talk to even off this site, even if most of them don't even come on leafheart12 anymore. They've helped me when I was down or unsure and encouraged me when I needed it. They've made me laugh and waiting for messages from them is almost maddening sometimes! I'll definitely continue rping these.

I've learned a lot as owner. I learned what it is to make tough decisions. I've learned what it is to look out for others rather than myself. I've learned a heck of a lot about coming to compromises. I learned what it is to make decisions based upon what's best for someone rather than what one wants. I learned to be more sociable and my confidence in my ability to connect with people or help them out has grown because of the bonds I have formed as a result of the site. Thank you for everything that you have done guys.

And then there are the roleplays. Oh boy the roleplays. This community is so full of imagination and creativity. There are so many rps that I started that I loved here.

 Of ZA

Newt and Charlie. Yo, I will always be thinking of new and fun things that could happen to them regardless of if we're currently rping them or not. Like let's torture the crap out of them.And let's not forget all of the fanart that came out of that lol

And then Citrus and Ink. Omg man, those two were amazing. They were both so argumentative and stubborn that OMG it was so fun to roleplay them! Miss you Mottle

Hollow and SugarRush (Maddie) Yo Ivy, I had always just completely shipped these two together. The difference in their personalities was just magic. She being so energetic and he being so cynical. Like... just... yes.


There's Harley and Delhi. Oh man Kit, I'm sorry but I loved surprising the crap out of you. The moment that the Grandmother turned evil... Yo, I can still remember your reaction to that

There is Phoebe and Raven. I know we did not rp this for very long but it remains one of my favorites. Raven was just such a misunderstood character and I had so many plans for him. Not only this but OMG phoebe was such a firecracker.

Yo White, bro, our Dark Elves and Light elves RP was the bomb. Even if you don't come on here. That just needs to be said bro. There was so much symbolism in that rp and so many quotes. I STILL HAVE EXCERPTS FROM THAT RP IN MY NOTES. 

Desire and Zachary. This is just what started our rps Robby. Like omg, I always treasure them because it is what got us to start talking more and more. You're one of my favorite people. AND CHICK WHEN ARE THEY GONNA HAVE THE KIDS?!?!

Hue and Ixee. Ixee is one of my most out there, independent, free-spirited girl character that I have on this site and I always enjoyed the dynamics of their relationship!

Chase and McKenzie. Pinky, I know you don't remember this one, but I've always liked it. It didn't last long at all, but it had so much potential. Chase was such an awkward little vampire lol

Okay where to start with you Spree. I guess Celestia and Obidan have to be my favorite out of ours. Obi is such a fun character to write man! Like, bro. He's definitely one of my favorites. And the Darrin and Zoey are just so freaking cute lol. And the one we have in cards with Julia and Lucah... like, fam. XD they're so dysfunctional it's great.

 With Ash, Giovanni and Gaius are among my top favorite characters. Like omg Gio was just so cute and shy and I always loved rping that little vampire. And Gaius, he was just a possessive, protective dude man, who doesn't love those!

Sionie and Cynric, I love this pair. Poor Sionie, she felt so bad after what happened to Cynric, and I hope there is some way that we can continue this rp somehow and somewhere... I love this one

 Of Cats

Oh boy... How to choose.

Couragesky and Shadowstar: They will forever be my favorite brother, sister rp of all time. The fact that they could be so close like that was just crazy. He was never afraid to approach her and most of the time just considered her a best friend. Like, fam, they were the absolute and complete best. And if I had had time to reincarnate both of them and rp them as a couple... I would have so done so... was even thinking of doing it with Skykit and Echokit.

Couragestar and Equinoxhope: Just a wonderful, wonderful couple. THe way he was so accepting of her disfigurement... it was just so cute. Like, screw you Redstar. I will talk to your daughter if I want to. Honestly, these two were amazing. I'll always love them and I'm sad that you had to go Fallen.

Turtlewing and Mousepath: Woah fam... THEY WERE JUST SO STINKIN CUTE. Like omg, I was super super upset when we were no longer able to rp this couple. They had never even gotten together and they are one of my top ships in the history of the site.

Shadeflurry and Everclaw. Nope. I just can't. Saying goodbye to them is the worst. Why do you think I forced you to bring her back to continue that love. SO I'm never saying goodbye to this couple. It was the best omg. And you already know my feelings on this man. So I'm not going to just go on and on.

Hailfrost and Tinykit: Yo I just fell in love with this pair. The like Mentor Apprentice feel they had to them was just amazing. They were always so daggon cute!

Trustfall and Pureleaf: I was heartbroken when we couldn't rp these two anymore. They were adorable. Pure was just so innocent and bouncy and Trust was like this solid rock who had the strongest morals and loved her so much but had trouble expressing it.

Hail and Bright: THey never got together.. but Bright saved him. Saved him literally and even from himself. He was in such a dark place when she appeared... She gave him life. She made him believe that  there is redemption and he was not cursed.

Jaggestar and Finchcall: Sage. I know you aren't here anymore, but they need to be said. Jaggedstar was one of my favorite characters and im so upset that I had killed him off so prematurely.

So why am I leaving?


I mean I could just say I've been super super busy lately. And, although that isn't wrong, it's not the full reason why.

 I guess you could say that I just don't feel like I belong anymore. I've felt detached from the community ever since the discord became a thing. I feel like I've lost something. I've been coming on less and less. And when I do, I just don't know what to do anymore. Sometimes, I find myself opening the app, watching the conversation for a bit, then closing it without saying anything in the end. Since the Discord came about, my motivations for roleplaying animals is too low now.  I can't continue being the owner of an rp community if I don't feel like roleplaying anymore.I guess I'm a bit old fashioned. But I miss being able to edit a site, come up with graphics, creating new rp pages. Now coming on the site and seeing it so empty... It's just hard for me. The discord just isn't the same for me. So, because I feel so disconnected now... I can recognize that I am not the owner that the site needs anymore. 

The thought of watching the community fall apart in the future is hurtful. Every time that I think of Lh12 no longer existing, it's saddening. After all, every good thing must come to an end I'd rather leave while the community is still intact so my memories of the site as it is does not become tarnished.

Don't get me wrong. This took forever to do. And, I didn't want to officially leave like this... but it wasn't fair if I wasn't going to come on. Keeping it struck me as kind of selfish... so, I gave up my ownership. This was one of the hardest thing I've done and I will miss you guys. 

I hope you'll understand. I was just going to be quiet, appoint a new owner and fade away... but that isn't so fair to the community that I loved so much.  I'm glad that I've been able to be the owner of this community, and thanks for everything I've learned.


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