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Other Roleplaying: The Rules!

Feel like you need to mix things up a bit? Getting bored with Roleplaying cats? Why not try one of these Role-plays that we offer here: Human, Supernatural, and Zombie Apocalypse. But first, make sure you read our rules! Most of the rules of the site apply here, so please make sure to follow them. Thanks!

1. Please roleplay fairly.

2. No use of profane language in and/or out of Roleplay.

3. No power-playing or god-modding.

4. Keep your characters realistic! Only Supernatural Humans are allowed to be unrealistic.

5. Sexual talk and content is strictly prohibited. [With the exception of things like Kissing, Hugging, etc.]

6. Be respectful to others.

7. No spamming.

8. Don't roleplay someone else' character.

9. No talk of any other websites. [Advertising]

10. You are not allowed to have a character personify a god of modern religions. (i.e. God or Buddha)

 By choosing to Role-play under these tabs, you agree to follow any and all rules listed and give any Staff member the right to punish and/or ban you if any of the rules about are broken. Have fun!