We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it





Beginning of Leadership: ??/??/2016

End of Leadership: 7/12/2016 

Rper: Moon

 sleek silver bengal she-cat with calm, ice blue eyes. She has rather noticeable scars, the most distinct: right on her flank, from a cruel border skirmish. She has skinny legs, and sharp, long, claws. They are very high maintenanced, for Moonstar sharpens them on a daily basis to keep them at their best if needed to lash out. Her tail used to flow on the ground as she walked, but she learned to keep it just above the ground. Her pelt is short and fine, easy to groom. The base color is a light, mineral gray, covered in huge, black leopard-like spots, filled in with snow white fur.  Moonstar can be a pawful at times, but she makes friends fairly easily. Sometimes, though, she just wants to keep to herself to take walks and listen to nature, and her heart. Moonstar can be a bit stubborn at times and just...explode, but she doesn't mean it, it's just how she is. She might not be strong and broad, but she has the quick wits to outsmart any cat, big or small. Moonstar is very loyal, but still has a mind of her own that she controls. She won't let anyone boss her around or make rude remarks. She's a bit of a tomboy and currently isn't looking for a mate until she gets a hang of being deputy. One in a while she has some funny jokes and tries to stay on her positive side. She loves adventures, and always speaks her mind.
Name: Moonkit, Moonpaw, Moonblaze, Moonstar




Beginning of Leadership: 4/12/2015

End of Leadership: ??/??/2016 

Rper: Flash

 Cedarstar is a large, dark gray tom with lighter gray flecks dotting his legs and sparking green eyes. He is a compassionate and gentle leader, always making sure his clan is in good condition before allowing himself to unwind. This mysterious tom-cat met the love of his life in a young she-cat named Shimmerpelt, who he cared for more than himself. Cedarstar never had kits of his own, however adopted a kit by the name of Redkit, later Redwhisker, who he found close to death in the trunk of a tree near the Thunderclan border. He and Shimmerpelt raised Redwhisker as their own until she drowned in a stream near to where she was found. A young and inexperienced Cedarfoot was appointed deputy to Harestar, much to the distaste of certain clanmates, who were to eventually team up to murder him. The trio of revenge-seeking cats wound up killing each other, never even reaching the Shadowclan deputy to kill him. After Harestar stepped down from leader of Shadowclan, Cedarstar became a wise and trusted cat among his clan, always there to give out advice and share stories. Cedarstar went missing just 3 seasons later, never to be seen alive again, and only he knows what happened in those next 4 seasons until his spirit drifted up to Starclan, where he was cursed to never remember the name of any cat he loved.
Name: Cedarkit, Cedarpaw, Cedarfoot, Cedarstar
Mate: Shimmerpelt
Kits: Redwhisker
"Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you.."
- Cedarstar 2015




Beginning of Leadership: 7/6/2014

End of Leadership: 4/11/2015

Death Date: 12/15/2015 

Rper: Flapp

A snowy white she-cat with light grey striped on her back and neck only. She has a very long and full coat she sometimes trips on. Her blind  eyes are a bright violet. Her breed is a Ragdoll, However because of the 3 striped on her back its sure she isn't a full-breed she may possibly be a half breed. Hare has a very calm and peaceful nature. She isn't a fighter unless forced too and prefers to talk rather then fight. Its very rare to ever see her stressed or mad. however it is possible but its like a once in a blue moon thing. Harestar also is a bit insecure about her eating habits and tends to be a bit down when cats tease her about it. Hare is also very concerned about apps. she feels as though they are the future of the clan and should be taught well and trained exactly as they are suppose to be. Harestar was a very good leader, very calm and very understanding. Unlike the tales of evil Shadowclan, Harestar spent her entire life trying to erase Shadowclan of that image.  After stepping down from leadership, she became blind and eventually died peacefully in her sleep. 
Name: Harekit, Harepaw, Snowhare, Harestar
Mate: Lioncry
Kits: Boacrest, Mintleaf, Sparkpaw 
I never really wanted to become leader... It was something that just happened and I accepted it. That's kinda how life is. You never really expect anything, and then it happens. You just have to learn to go along with it, rather than fighting against it."




Beginning of Leadership: 12/18/2013

End of Leadership: 7/6/2014

Rper: Thorn

Mate: Stainedshadow 
Kits: UH 




Beginning of Leadership: 9/4/2013

End of Leadership: 12/18/2013

Rper: Flapps Bully

Originally from a rogue group formed by the infamous Wolfstar of Thunderclan, this level-headed tom had never really expected to rise as high as he did. The reasoning of this goes back to the fact that he had been originally a rogue by the name of Creed. As a rogue, he did many many things that he regretted, including killing the mother of the cat that later became his mate. As he grew up, however, he began to see the wrongness of his actions and sought an escape from such a violent life. His mother, the leader of this group refused to let him out. So, under the cover of darkness, he and his siblings escaped, becoming wanted fugitives by his former gang. It was right before they found sanctuary within Shadowclan territory that they lost their dear sister Rose. Once taken in by the clan, he sought to help in any way he can to fight against the awful group that wanted revenge for leaving. Not only had he formally been a rogue but he had a condition where if he was under too much stress and lost it to a freak out, his heart would begin to fail. So, he was always calm and collected, never raising his voice or attacking anyone out of anger. From this you can gather that he never really let his emotions take part in his decisions. What guided him was his absolute loyalty to the clan, and this is what ultimately lead to his demise. After having suffered through multiple, exhausting attacks from his former rogue group, he finally decided to hand himself over to the group that wanted to punish him for leaving the gang and becoming the leader of a despised clan. Making a deal with the new leader of the gang, his brother Slate, he turned himself over with 6 lives left for them to beat him and claw him until he met his end, if they never again harass Shadowclan. And, the gang has not been heard of since.

Names: Creed, Jaggedpaw, Jaggedfang, Jaggedstar

Kits: Dustyshock, Clovespark, Eaglefrost, Flashstrike, Pepperdash, Gladefang, Sorrelkit

Mates:  Jayleaf, Cloudstar, Finchcall




Beginning of Leadership: ??/??/2012

End of Leadership: 9/5/2013

Rper: Dream

A gentle, kind she-cat this leader was. She always thought through her decisions, sometimes a bit too much. Always she was self-conscious about the prospect of possibly making a wrong call or getting other cats hurt because of her. Something she really tried to keep under wraps was her multiple personality disorder. One moment, she could be a timid, well-meaning she-cat, a very strong leader for the clan. The next moment, she could be a playful, carefree kit with not a worry in the world but to make others smile. Her multiple personalities were commonly misunderstood by her fellow clanmates, believing her to just have quite a silly side. The only cats who really knew her secret were the cats that she desperately cared for, believing it was not right to try and hide things from those that loved her. And, they protected her, making sure she did not cause herself too much trouble.

Names: Cloudkit, Cloudpaw, Cloudstream, Cloudstar

Mate: Jaggedstar

Kits: Pepperflash, Flashstrike 




Beginning of Leadership: 10/25/2011

End of Leadership: ?/??/2012

Rper: Flutter 

He was a very kind leader but he made tough decisions when necessary. These tough decisions could sometimes win him initially a very unfavorable response, the clan knows in the back of their minds that every decision he makes is for the benefit of the clan. He is more of a serious cat, but he always likes to watch the other playful, funny antics of his clanmates. He also died saving some kits from a tree after a rainstorm. 
Names: Birchkit, Birchpaw, Birchclaw, Birchstar
Kits: Owlclaw, Brownfur 




Beginning of Leadership: ??/??/????

End of Leadership: 10/25/2011

Rper: N/A

A short-haired mottled grey and white tom with long, lanky legs and long, bat-like ears. His light green eyes are always looking around, observing. Some cats may view him as a little paranoid, but he views it as just looking out for his clan... constantly. Although he is a bit on edge, he doesn't let that hinder his ability to lead. And lead well he does. Whenever anybody steps out of line, he's there to deliver a quick and harsh punishment. As for his other clan relation, they weren't so good. His constant paranoia left him accusing other clans of things that they did not do and declaring baseless wars and battles. It was because of this self-destructive nature that he lost his lives for in each of the battles that he waged, he lost a life and a bit of territory until his clan finally turned on him and his brother delivered the final death blow.

 Names: Yewkit, Yewpaw, Yewstare, Yewstar

"I'm not paranoid! They are really out there, plotting! And, if you gave any cares about this clan you'd be banding together with me to fight these attacks off! I'm only trying to look out for my clan. If you have no interest in that, then leave"

- Yewstar

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