We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it





Beginning of Divination: 6/5/2016

End of Divination: 8/14/2016

Smallthunder is a small white feline with Amber-Yellow eyes.Her tail,ears,and legs are quite short for the average cat,if not,Soulclan Cat.Well,Former Soulclan Cat,basically.Smallthunder was born to Boomingflame and White-ear of Thunderclan.As a kit,her father,Boomingflame,killed her mother while she was giving birth.For some reason...however,Starclan gave White-ear the power to give birth...to only her small,runt of a daughter,Smallkit.She named her Smallkit as the blood dripping down her face began mortal.Smallkit was supposed to have 3 siblings...now,none.But why would Starclan do that?She was an evil cat who helped the rise of the evil clans...why would they allow that?Unknown.Well, Boomingflare didn't want to kill a kit...although he killed three unborn ones,which didn't make sense.Eh.Life has its reasons.Anyway,bringing her back to camp,Boomingflare told the clan that his mate had died by monster as she was giving birth to her only alive kit...which made no sense,but the clan believed.As Smallkit grew older, Boomingflare began to get sick,and died of green cough one day.Smallkit was happy.She hated her father.She was adopted by Pigeonwhisker,the mother of the beautiful Heron-nose,and the grandmother of Blazestorm and Heronkit.Smallkit was happy.However,when she became an apprentice,she was given no mentor:even though a Dark Forest mentor was assigned to her:her father.She loathed it,but she had to to get powerful.Boomingflare destroyed her both emotionally and physically by his harshness.Most cats underestimate her size,thinking that she is a bad fighter.However,due to the harsh training,Smallthunder is quite the powerful cat.When she became a warrior,she shunned the clan.No one except Pigeonwhisker cared for her...she was angry.When the time came for the Soulclan rebellion,she quickly became an advocate...in silence.When they finally created the clan,she announced she would become medicine cat.She chose Moonstream as her apprentice(then Luna).She helped bring many new lives into the Clan,such as Duskpaw,her current and final medicine cat apprentice.She was happy...until her death.However,after her death,her crush,Marmalade,and his sister, Jewel(who is the mate of Soul,btw),and Batkit,also Briarpaw,all left the clan for Bloodclan after seeing her maimed.She died by offending Panther...seems eh..,but it was a fatal move.She chose her battles,in the end,though,the battles all destroyed her. Maybe next time she will be smarter. Oh,yeah...Dark Forest cats don't get reincarnations.


 "Life and death are just words. Learning to live and die honorably is true meaning."

- Smallthunder



Beginning of Divination: 6/5/2016

End of Divination: 7/27/2016

  A cat, who, like most,  hates it when cats make fun of her. Despite that, she was nice and helpful always willing to help out.  She had multiple personalities disorder so cats had to watch out in case they triggered one of her personality shifts. Although she was a bit shy sometimes, she was kind to other cats. For example, when a cat was sad she'd try to cheer them up. She definitely had a soft spot for kits, able to remember what it was like to be one. As a loner, she felt the thrill of healing others calling to her, so she decided to become Smallthunder's apprentice. She had OCD like many of the other cats in the clan at the time, so everything was always nice and neat.  As for family, she has an annoying brother Artemis whom she frequently used to argue with.. She is a moon older than Smallthunder and she always tried her best to help around. She did, however, end up facing problems every now and again because she tended to step on her mentor's nerves.  Sometimes, unfortunately, she would have sadness problems, dwelling upon the misery in her life. Her good qualities would include intelligent and speed. She was also pretty brave. Her life abruptly ended as a snake pit was stumbled upon in the nursery. She died as she lived, helping others and protecting families.

"Love, helping others, being part of a clan... that's all I need out of life; a mate, a mentor, and some friends"

- Moonstream