We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it




End of Leadership: 7/22/2017

Rper: Misty

 Eternal is extremely loyal and genuinely kind, especially to kits, as he had a bad experience in his kit-hood, so he wants others to be happy. He's very giving and skilled in fighting as well as very articulate. Whilst being mostly confident, Eternal is very self-conscious about his background and often worries he will be hated. He is a very anxious cat, and panics a lot, yet tries to keep it to himself as to not concern other. At one point in his life he almost gave up, but he managed to get back on track in the end. He still has moments of not being able to manage, however he knows how to discipline himself and control his emotions. Also, he's very patient and tolerant of annoying or pushy cats, but is assertive when he's had enough of something. He's playful, comedic, and fun. Appearance wise, Eternal is a broad-shouldered, completely black tom cat with a strong build and no markings. He has medium-length fur and a very fluffy tail, and his whiskers are black. His paw-pads, nose, and ear fluff are pale rose pink, and his eyes are bright amber like flames.

Mate: Moonlight

Apprentice: Leafsong, Eternalpaw

Kits: Ebonypaw, Flightpaw, Eaglepaw





End of Leadership: 7/8/2016

Rper: Mercury 

A very loyal and kind shecat though sometimes a bit stubborn. She would do literally anything for those that she loves. You can assume from this that she would have done the same for her clan. She considered everyone in her clan her family and would have done anything she could to protect them. However, if you had ever gotten on her bad side, you would be wishing that you had not ever been born. She can go into a pretty awful rage mode when cats do not listen to her. Trust me, you may be glad you had not known her when she was leader, back then you would not be caught dead in her presence! If everyone behaved as they should then she was the perfect cat to be around. If anybody needed to find her, she would have been found hanging out with her lovely mate.

Names: Shiverkit, Shiverpaw, Shiverfury, Shiverstar

Mate: Furyheart 




Death Date: ??/??/2015

Rper: Mole 

 Vixenstar, was a russet brown tabby with yellow eyes.her tail has a white tip. She is very nice and gives advice when asked for it. Vixenstar was very loyal to her clan and her clanmates. When around older cats than her she would get easily embarrassed and shy, feeling just a bit inferior, despite the fact that she was the leader of the clan. Around younger cats, however she tended to act quite kit-like, and to be honest, she was a bit embarrassed about this fact, despite her efforts to play it cool. To be honest, she was quite the softy when it came to kits. Actually, she was one huge softy to everyone in the clan, especially her family. Always she was up to give advice to others, even if they did not ask or want it, spreading her wisdom everywhere. She could be very fierce in battle and likes hunting. She was very kind and calm in tough situations. Sometimes she could be a bit scatterbrained, but she always tried extra hard when she knew that this was happening.
Name: Vixenkit, Vixenpaw, Vixenheart, Vixenstar




Death date: 7/3/2016

Rper: Flapps bully 

Originally a kittypet, this tom set out on his own to bring back his sister, Goldy, who had gone out and never returned. He wound up stumbling upon the clans and getting injured when he met some hostile Thunderclan cats. Seeing as how Thunderclanners aren't really monsters, they brought him in and decided to patch him up. During his time in the medicinecat den, he began to learn about the clans and how they worked, and once finding out his sister had been in this clan not too long ago, he decided to ask if he could join. To be honest he had been quite the troublemaker after he was turned apprentice. He loved playing pranks on others who judged him for being a kittypet, this caused many to question his presence in camp. He was definitely a hard worker, however. And, as time wore on, he realized he needed to pull himself together, especially when he got his warrior name. That is when he met Dreamheart and they pretty much clicked right away and soon had two kits. However, one day Dreamheart, left out of the blue and he moved on. Soon, he became very close with Shadowstar, so much so that they seemed to even be brother and sister, teasing her and offering her advice or an ear to listen to. When she died, he became very protective of everyone he loved, never wanting to go through that grief again. After a while and a change of leader, he became close to Redstar's daughter, not even paying attention to the scarring on her face. Despite his somewhat rocky relationship with the leader because of his affiliation with his daughter, Redstar found him worthy enough to become deputy. And, not soon after, he asked Equinoxscar to become his mate. They had one kit before she died tragically along with the leader, making him a grieving leader. And a strong leader he was. He did not allow any infighting in the clan for that would lead to pretty swift and harsh punishment and he spoke to everyone, lending a listening ear when he could. He was a unifying force, keeping the clan together in the face of Twoleg invasions, floods, blizzards, and even tornadoes! With him also ended the period of time when Thunderclan could not seem to keep a leader for very long. And, wanting to be closer to his clanmates, and needing to escape the emptiness of the leader's den, he began the unconventional habit of sleeping in the warriors den, among the clan. On his last life, he decided to step down from leader, wanting to spend his last (and in his opinion, original) life as a warrior among his clanmates.

Name: Cody, Couragepaw, Couragesky, Couragestar

Ex-mate: Dreamheart

Mate: Equinoxscar 

Kits: Soulwhisper, Shadow-wish, Sparrowtalon Curiousthunder, Owltail, Arcticheart, Tillashine, Jasperkit

"You know... I can't promise I'll always make the right decisions, but I can promise I will always make my decisions with the right heart!"

- Couragestar




Death Date: ??/??/2014

Rper: Fallen 



Death Date: ??/??/2014

Rper: Fox 

  Glowingstar was a pale cream she-cat with pale blue eyes and a lighter undercoat. She was shy as a young cat, but quickly grey bolder as she became a warrior. She was calm under pressure and a very rational thinker, though she had a soft spot for the underdog of any situation. While loyal to every cat in her clan, she knew well that the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few, though she tried to settle everything as peacefully as possible, since she wasn't a fan of conflict. In truth, she wasn't much of a fighter at all, lacking certain battle skills. Though what she lacked in combat prowess, she made up for in leadership, though her time was short-lived, as she suddenly disappeared one evening when she went out hunting.

Names: Glowingkit, Glowingpaw, Glowingflower, Glowingstar



Beginning of Leadership: 6/25/2013

Death Date: ??/??/2014

Rper: Softwhisper 

 Dogclaw is a dark brown, almost red long haired tom with yellow eyes. He was very strong, big, and loyal to his clan. After all, he went on patrols and hunting all the time, so that meant he  loved to serve his clan in any way, obviously. Dogstar had fought foxes once, and so is a very strong fighter when it comes to battles.  He would never go behind his clan's back, he was pretty biased towards his own clan. In fact, he tended to be disrespectful to other clans since he ranked Thunderclan above them all. This rubbed other leaders the wrong way as they believed all clans should have equal value. He will always find a way to help out around camp, if it had to do with physical work. However, he tended to spend most of his day as leader ignoring those who needed him and his advice. He would stop at nothing, unless it ended in death, to defend the ones he loved. And he loved a lot, and I mean A LOT. He could not seem to stick to one she-cat, trying to take up with Shadowstar when she was leader, and then her daughters Flurryfreckle and Shadeflurry. I guess you could call him a bit of a player. He loved his children, of course, but he did not know how to show it, and so he just left them be. He never payed attention to his children, often brushing them off and ignoring them, despite his acknowledgment they needed a father figure in their lives. Dogstar was the leader for a rather short time. During his time as leader, he didn't accomplish much besides defending the clan against Pathers Gang the best he could. He wasn't too keen on his surroundings, completely blind to his sister, Thunderclan's Medicinecat, who took up a mate and had kits. His life came to a sudden end, when he died alone and miserable as his actions began to cause his life to crumble.

Ex-mate: Flurryfreckle

Kits: Sonicboom, Nut-toe, Iceflake, Sugarheart, Frecklepaw, Ghostpaw, Forsynthiakit, Snowkit, ,Wildkit, Dustkit, Rosemarykit, and Silk-kit.

"Flurryfreckle... your sister is having my kits! Isn't that great, love? More kits for our family!"

- Dogstar




Beginning of Leadership: 2/21/2013

End of Leadership: 6/24/2013

Death Date: 7/4/2013

 Rper: Flapper812

 An extremely small, very fluffy long haired black she-cat with forest green eyes, a very small grey nose, a white paw on her front left paw, 3 large scars on her right side (from when she was hit by a monster), a small nick in her left ear tip, claws that are sharp and big even for warriors, and a long, very bushy tail. She also has a violet daisy in her ear always. Shadow can be very outgoing, understanding, trustworthy, wise and protective on her good side, on her bad side, she can be mean, violent, dangerous and clever. Shadow Is not like many cats, she tends to goof off like a kit, be serious about her job, and just switch personality's in an instant.She can be moody without her afternoon sleep and takes her role as leader seriously. She can tell if a cat is lying or telling the truth by looking into their eyes, it may be hard, but she manages. In battle, this tiny little ball of fluff can be quiet feisty. cause shes so small, she is very fast, has a lot of agility, and is extremely clever, so in a battle, pray u don't have to go up against her. Shadow did have disadvantages, her size made it easy for her to be taken down. She may have had speed, but strength was not always on her side. In addition, she had an attitude issue. Her anger blurred her vision from decisions and her self centered thinking was one downfall she had when it came to choices in battle. Shadowstar was an iconic leader of Thunderclan, and the commonly forgotten Medicine Cat of Thunderclan. She kept Thunderclan rooted when natural disasters caused the clan to shake. She was also the leader who kept Panthers Gang at bay until her death. She lead the clan back home, along side Featherhope, proudly after Froststar left to be with his Riverclan love. She took on the responsibility as leader with no prior deputy position. While she was a great leader, she had many downfalls. Her biggest, and most serious mistake, was allowing the formation of Panthers Gang, which terrorized Thunderclan well beyond her death. But even so, Shadowstar never let her mistakes determine who she would be. She was a mother, a leader, and a friend all wrapped into one. She taught her clan the importance of friendship and compassion, even when in battle. During her life, she had many mates and mothered many many kits. Even then, she felt like the loneliest cat in the world. She herself stepped down from leadership as her death drew near, spending the remainder of her days with the medicine cats, and finally dying from tumors in the stomach lining. Currently, She is seen as a wise figure in starclan, as well as a mentor to many. She only visits cats who need a guiding paw.


Names: Shadowkit, Shadowpaw, Shadowstream, Shadowstar

Ex-mates: Thunderstrike, Thrushflight, Grainclaw, Damtail, Willowclaw 

Kits: Shadeflurry, Flurryfreckle, Eaglewing, Mistyeyes, Lilyheart, Swanfire, Crystalstripe, Silverstrike, Bumbledove, Penguinfrost, Pineclaw, Owl-leap, Lightningscar, Thunderheart , Splotchedclaw Flash-heart, Flarefang, Jaguarpaw,  Parsleypaw,  Jetpaw, Flashpaw,  Badgerpaw,  Juniperpaw, Swankit, Finchkit, Nightkit, Leapkit (These are just the blood related ehehehe)

 'Always remember this... love is one of the most important parts of life. whenever you're in battle or laying on your death bed, remember that love is the very bond that bring us together enough to care... without love we are nothing but savages just waiting to die, love draws us all together... and love will keep us together"

- Shadowstar




End of Leadership: 2/20/2013
Rper: Leaf 
Solid white with bright yellow eyes, this tom was had a bulky build, his strong white paws ideal for battle and hunting for prey. . He was noble and fierce in his protection of his clanmates. During his reign he made sure to watch over and care for every one of his clanmates. If one of his cats were injured or killed in a border skirmish, there would definitely be rage. He hated it when any of his cats were harmed and was pretty hostile to other clans if he found even a lowly apprentice injured by other clans. For a short time he didn't tolerate forbidden loves. That is, until he himself fell in love with a pretty fashionable shecat in Riverclan by the name of Shiningtail who taught him many things. That, as he came to believe. the Warrior Code makes mistakes. Their affair went on for quite some time, not ready to give up his leadership for Riverclan. However, there came a time when, while forbidden loves flourished in the clan, that he had to face what he was doing... that is to say, encouraging love between two clans and therefore causing difficulty when it came to battles. He couldn't see his enemies as just enemies anymore, but the friends and family of his dear Eveningshimmer and saw this must be what his fellow clanmates were suffering throughIt was then that his scandal must be put to rest... and he left the clan to be with his beloved mate where he grew old and grey beside his mate, despite having been shunned by the clan
 Names: Frostkit Frostpaw Frostfang Froststar
"I've never met another cat like you. The Warrior code is wrong. It's too limiting. I don't want to live my life by a code that would prevent me from meeting cats like you"
- Froststar




Death Date: ??/??/2012

Rper: Revolution 

A handsome blue-eyed fawn and white tom with a rainbow personality. His hind leg is splashed with white as if by paint. His personality is as bright and colorful as both his words and the rainbow of his sunny disposition. During the day, he'll skip his way to through the clearing, asking his fellow clanmates how they are doing and if they need his help. To be honest, he's sort of the... therapist of the clans and many come to him to tell them about their problems, no matter how ridiculous and trivial they may be. He leaves none out, even the kits. He even enjoyed the occasional comfort  in the middle of the clearing. Of course, he had the largest soft spot for kits, despite not having any of his own. Outside of his do-gooder, rainbowy attitude, he was a skilled fighter, using tooth and claw to battle his way through situations. However, he tended to try and talk his way out of most battles, trying to spread joy and cheer throughout the year... As if he were the rainbow equivalent of Santa Claws.

"I believe that every cat needs a little bit of rainbow in their lives... I declare that it is my job to spread a little bit to everyone that I see!"

- Oakstar 



Death Date: ??/??/2012

Rper: Flutter 

A large, silver and brown mottled cat with large paws and long claws. His teeth are sharp and his light blue eyes hold a 'don't mess with me' attitude. As a kit, he was often pushed around by his siblings, so upon becoming leader he was really unsure of how to handle stuff that came with the job. He didn't really care much for other clans, in fact, he outright despised them. A haughty personality is what he sported most of the time along with vanity and an impulsive attitude that just worsened with his rise to power. His time in power was not long, because stress made the young tom step out. However during his time he caused major trouble with his fellow clans. Although he died during his dastardly plot, he tried to band together with a bunch of rogues to try and take over Thunderclan's number one enemy: Shadowclan. After his exile from the clan, he left a whole big mess that the next leader had to fix. Relations with the other clans was in shambles, especially from the rogue group that formed out of the devoted followers that left when a goody goody took over leadership, disagreeing with his "love all" attitude. Taking on the name Wolf, he continued on as a member of this rogue group until he died at the claws of the clans he so despised, joining the ranks of the Dark Forest. 

Names: Wolfkit, Wolfpaw, Wolf-flight, Wolfstar, Wolf

"Shadowclan has undermined our clan and gotten away with it for too long! It is time that they, and everyone else acknowledge Thunderclan as the true power of the forest. They don't believe in us, they do not even respect us. But they... Oh ho ho, they will pay for their thoughts. Everyone will understand! Starting with those frogsuckers in the shadows"

- Wolfstar




Death Date: ??/??/2012

Rper: Dawn 

 A silver tabby maine coon with crystal blue eyes. She was a smaller for her breed, but still a large cat compared to most. Much of her past is a mystery but she started out in Riverclan. She and two other kits were left to a she-cat in Riverclan with no clue as to where they came from. These kits would grow and split ways into their own life. Whiteclaw in Windlcan, Dappleberry in Shadowclan, and Dawnfeather in Thunderclan. They might have gone their separate ways but the bonds between them would never break. Dawnstar was a very serious and calm cat, but also had much sadness harbored in her. Despite this she put on a happy face for the good of her clan, although her temper could have be released when her clan was threatened. She faced many threats from Bloodclan and Shadowclan during her leadership and lost many cats to Bloodclan fights, although she pulled her clan through. She hated pity and was very stubborn so many times when hurt; she suffered rather than asking for help... which might be melodramatic but Dawnstar always stuck to her morals.

Names: Dawnkit Dawnpaw Dawnfeather Dawnstar

Mate: Fireclaw, Goldenfeather

Kits: Lightpaw, Wolflight (?)

  "I'd like to think about something else...rather than a dying leader, rather than taking over and leading Thunderclan. Will they put their trust in me? I have tried my full best to put them first. I just want to be happy, to be trusted...is that too much to ask?"

- Dawnstar




 Death date: ??/??/2011

Rper: Unknown 

A reddish clay-colored tom that was lanky and agile, helping him a lot when maneuvering in battles. Often, he was secluded in his social life, but was fully devoted to being a good leader. He tended to be very reserved and mature, always level headed when he made his decisions. One of the main events in his leadership was pulling his clan back to health after a serious bout of sickness; his loyal deputy Dawnfeather helped with her limited knowledge of herbs. During the end of his time as leader Robinstar began to become confused and disoriented and eventually passed peacefully in his den, leaving his deputy to become leader.

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