We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it





Beginning of Divination: ??/??/???

End of Divination: ??/??/2016

Rper: Blue

He's always believed that his mother Feathertear named him because of his eye color but truthfully she just picked a name at random. Born to Featherstream and Bramblesky along with his four siblings Batpaw, Mintpaw, Petalpaw and Spiderpaw (he had a large family) You would think that after six moons in the nursery, with all these other cats around him he would be talkative but instead he is a rather quiet and gentle spirit. Most cats don't notice his gentleness, because due to his quiet nature he comes off as sounding rather brusque. You would have to be a cat he trusts, or borderline nosy to get hum to really open up to you.He is really quite a passionate cat underneath who is dedicated and takes things he cares about very seriously. Ever since birth, he's had a slight hearing issue where if a cat were to quietly mumble something he would know that something had been said but he wouldn't know what was said. What he lacks, in hearing however he makes up for in having an extra keen nose



Beginning of Divination: ??/??/2016

End of Divination: ??/??/2015

Rper: Breeze

She was found outside of the clan as a kit and taken in by a former loner named Oceanbreeze who she is named after. Oceanbreeze nursed and raised her loving the kit as if she was one of her own. Ivorywing, one of Breezesky's adopted siblings hates Breezesky and believes that to have a former rouge in the clan will lead to the clan's downfall. As a kit Breezesky was very shy and was scared of the cats around her except for Furyheart who she grew fond of and became apprentice to. She would constantly go into the Medicine den to visit Furyheart and that's how she really got into loving medicine. Breezesky also despises fighting and doesn't understand why the clans fight one another, all she hopes for is for one day the clans to be at peace. Breezesky is very connected with Starclan and always looks to her dead ancestors for guidance, She is one of the prophecy cats and has the power of plant manipulation, She is now an extremely kind cat who will sometimes treat cats like kits if they aren't listening when she's trying to help them. But she is all together a very caring cat who is extremely loyal to the clan she owes her life to.






Beginning of Divination: ??/??/2015

End of Divination: ??/??/2015

 A mahogany colored she-cat with yellow eyes and white paws. This she-cat's temper is quite easily flared, her bark being worse than her bite. She was never really a good fighter, however, that never really stopped her from causing trouble and picking fights with her clanmates. She never seemed to get in trouble, able to weasel and manipulate her way out of any punishments and trouble that she had put herself into. She was like coffee bitter on the inside and on the outside... except for those naive cats that have been suckered into believing she is anything else. Her heart was never into the medicine cat duties, too busy trying to juggle her drama and forbidden love life. As an apprentice, she fell in love with her own, old, blind mentor Goldfall who, sadly for her, did not share her feelings. Spitting in the face of Starclan's rules, she pursued a one-sided love with her mentor until finally Goldfall stepped down from her position. In a jealous rage after the cat had moved on with Dragonheart, she attacked the cat, determined to take out all of her heartbreak on him. Not only that, but she refused to heal him after an attack on Panther's gang, her own personal hatred for the cat causing her to refuse Starclan's teachings. Finally, when she had gotten over her crush on the former medicine cat, she fell in love with yet another medicine cat... her own apprentice! Again, however, she was forced into a one-sided love in which she was not really happy. Finally, she was forced to step down from being a medicine cat, deemed unworthy to walk the plains of Starclan with her inability to follow rules. After this, she proceeded to go after the next two leaders, hoping that she could possibly try and make up for her blasphemous ways by weaseling her way into the hearts of the leaders so she had a better chance of becoming deputy.



Beginning of Divination: ??/??/2015

End of Divination: ??/??/2015

Rper: Song

Im 95% sure this is the order:

Pure__ (rped by spotted)

Unnamed MC 

Softwhisper (rped by soft -3-)

An Unnamed MC

Shadowstar (Rped by flapp) 

Blossomfall may be here 

Eclipsepaw (rped by pain)

_______ (flame)

Angelstorm (silv)

Unorganized confirmed MCs


Beginning of Divination: ??

End of 



Beginning of Divination: ??/??/2013

End of Divination: ??/??/2013

Rper: Soft 

Softwhisper was a cream tabby she-cat with *I believe* Yellow or blue eyes. She was the sister of Dogstar. 




Beginning of first Divination: December 2012

End of first Divination: January 2013

Rper: Flapp

As she trained and learned the ways of the clans, she began to gain an interest in herbs, offering assistance when the medicine cats needed her.  Shadows interest in medicine was pushed to the point where she became the Medicine Cat apprentice, basically stealing the position due to her prior knowledge as an 'assistant medicine cat.' However,  as much as she loved the position Starclan had told her she had another path she had to follow that was not with the Medicine Cats. Shadow backed down, allowing the former Medicine Cat apprentice to take their rightful place. It caused tension between her and the medicine cats. After, cats began relying on shadow to heal them and care for them while they were ill. This enraged the Medicine cats to the point where they threatened the little queen. Shadow defended herself, and with it caused one medicine cat to step down from their position. Shadow was always defensive about her skills, and afterwards cut the treatment she gave her clan mates, only helping if it was a queen situation. 

 Beginning of second Divination: March 2012

End of second Divination: April 2013

 During the beginning of her leadership, the medicine cat died due to unknown reasons.  Because Shadow knew the herbs, thanks to her time as the assistant and apprentice (and her nanoseconds of being full MC) She was able to take the role as Leader and Medicine Cat. This had never been seen before in the clans, many believed she would be punished for taking the spot of MC and Leader. However, it was thanks to Starclan that Shadow was able to find the next MC and train them properly. Without her help, Thunderclan may have been forced to take the aid of the other clans MCs. Once her apprentice took their name, Shadow detached herself from the MC role and presumed her position as leader.  Even in death, Shadow remains a mentor for both Medicine cats and Leaders when she is needed.



Beginning of Divination: ??

End of Divination: ??


 Beginning of Divination: 2012

End of Divination: 2012



Beginning of Divination: Unknown

End of Divination: Unknown

Rper: Silv