We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it



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An unusually tall tom, standing well above most of his clanmates, with a slim, agile physique akin to that of a Savannah. His head is narrow and tapered akin to that of an extreme Siamese. His long tail is close to being twice the length of an average cat's tail. His head is a soft, off-white while the plush ruff of fur around his neck is a deep, burnished russet. The rest of his body is a sleek, black and his eyes are an oddly pale shade of yellow. His coat is of average length disregarding his ruff, haunches, and the semi-long brush of his tail. His ears are tall, slim, and often swivel about to detect the finest traces of sound and disturbance. His right ear has a fine tear he earned in a skirmish as an apprentice. His long, slender limbs that allow him to slither about in silence end in dexterous paws that hide thorn-sharp claws. Beneath his slender frame is smooth, hard muscle that affords him his strength, toned reflexes, and agility. At his sides are an impressive set of large, leathery black bat wings that span nearly two fox-lengths. He is afflicted with chronic, multiple personalities disorder and is schizophrenic. For some time, he seemed to have been driven into madness until he was able to stabilize his schizophrenia, of which the voice still torments him from time to time. He tends to shy away from kindness offered to him and has an odd, sadistic manner of thinking sometimes. He has a peculiar fondness of pretty, stubborn she-cats, and one in particular was the cause of his drastic change of heart. He is a reclusive outcast that can be downright frightening at times, but is a good cat at heart that desperately yearns for another to accept him. He can be a loyal and caring friend and will keep a cat's secret under lock and key. He has superbly sharpened senses, and is an excellent hunter and fighter with fast reflexes and strength, an asset to have alongside in battle, not to mention he is good at taking charge when need be. Neither stress nor pressure affect him as easily as it would most cats because he is a relatively free thinker, being quite open minded and observative of his surroundings. He is very sensitive to the feelings of others, as if he can almost see through them, and is not fooled by common trickery. Many cats immediately judge him because of his outwardly appearance, but his actions ultimately stem from goodwill and he yearns desperately for his clan's acceptance and a chance to prove to them that he has changed himself for the better.

Claimed by: Feathersnow (Goldy's Charrie! Feathermyth ftw)

"I am Feathersnow's property. She is beautiful and lovely and a feisty little minx who has taken hold of my heart. I will never turn my nose towards any other she-cat... That's what I was supposed to say right? OW!"

~Slendermyth 2016 




Foxstep is a sleek, nimble tom with short fur and a long tail. His coat is a russet Abyssinian, and his eyes have an uptilted sort of shape, deep green in color. He's a patient, observant cat who hardly misses a detail. He's placid and can remain calm under most pressure, even during battle. Overall, though he's not quick to trust, he's a considerate tom who always strives for fairness and cooperation.

Mate: Willowfire

Kits: Moonwatcher, Crowsight, Firepaw (deceased) Fireflypaw, Skypaw




Medicine Cat


Withered is a dark grey tabby cat with a hint of brown, including yellowish green eyes. He looks like he is always off into the distance, but he is always listening silently. He always has his dark, expressionless face. Witheredleaf doesn't speak much, or speak at all, mainly because of his hoarse voice. If you ever hear him speak at all, you mean something to him, he trusts you. He doesn't show much emotion, usually he looks sad or angry, but that's just how he looks, there is a difference between his 'normal face' and his 'emotional face' you just need to figure it out for yourself. He is good listener and can be on top of things, like he can easily know where things are and how they are used. Sometimes, he can be a bit off, he tends to space off when he is thinking or remembering his harsh past, but his past is what makes him want to help cats, even though he looks like the cat who would rip your throat out. 

Apprentice: Zephyrpaw

 Medicine Cat Apprentice
Zephyrpaw is a small and a rather tiny apprentice for her age. Blue eyes hinting with green for a mystical look, she used to be blind before being healed by the RiverClan medicine apprentice Seapaw. Zephyrpaw is a black coated American short-hair, and when the light shows on her pelt just right, a slightly darker pattern can be seen at times. Curious, Zephyr is very observant, and she loves to study the intricate designs of nature around her. This apprentice is very quiet, however very friendly and can be oblivious at times, trusting cats a little too much for her own good. Still, she tries her hardest to serve her clan as best as she can and to heal cats both physically and emotionally.