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Thrushstar is a short tom with a thick dark and light mocha mixed tabby coat that ruffles around his neck and tail before thinning out on his flank. Cream edges the dark tabby markings and dapples his toes and tail. To top the male off, he is adorned with two intense caramel optics that contrast well against his dark pelt. Thrushstar is what one would call, the joker of the deck, or a wild card. He will do anything to survive and if any force is willing to threaten his clan he will eliminate them. He lives by the moral, "Blood must have blood" Meaning if someone has killed his clanmate(s) and equal amount of lives must be paid in return. Thrushstar isn't against killing in battle if it is to survive, in fact it'd be surprising if he himself didn't rid of one enemy or two. Thrushstar is a manipulative and cheating tom, he's always playing some game or other with the clans simply to cure his boredom. Of course only a foul would put his clan in danger so easily, he knows his boundaries. The Skyclan leader is arrogant, confident, quick to flirt and hard to trick or deceive, he has a third eye for lies. He will only agree to terms that benefit him and his clan, for he is quite the greedy tom, and if you keep your backs turned on him for too long, he won't hesitate to take all you have.

"This world is unforgiving, to be a good leader you mustn't let honor, pride, and pity get in the way. Letting the wrong cat live could mean the end for many lives."



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A darker colored calico she-cat with minty eyes and a high back bone, very frizzy tail and 3 toes on 1 paw. Fun, loyal and trustworthy, shes all about the work work work and the sleep sleep sleep. its honestly hard to catch her in rest or on break, she's a major workaholic. So much so that it  it could be considered a mental disorder. Yarrow was born in Skyclan, to only her living mother, Tearlove. She had a very normal life, becoming an apprentice at 6 moons and a warrior at 24. However, during her training it was noticed that she easily over worked herself to the point of collapsing. It was never figured out why she did this, so many didn't pay attention to it. Throughout her entire warrior hood, she spent her time dealing with natural clan drama, children, a mate, and friends. Yarrow isnt all that spectacular, however her dedication and determination is what really helps her stand out. She doesn't allow her age to now define what she is going to be, because as long as she can do work, she will. As a deputy, she aids Thrushstar in leading the clan. Since she is much older, her timid behavior balances out Thrushstars wild behavior. Which makes them a very good team. Even though she is on the older side, she is strong as ever and refuses to let her grey hairs talk for her.

Mate: Sparrowhawk

Kits: Teardove, Birdsong, Swoopeagle, Sandhawk (deceased), Tangledkit (deceased)

      "Mistakes are only little lessons, and our whole lives are filled with mistakes. It  just depends on if  you want to learn from them, or spend  your life mourning them"

~ Yarrowstripe



Medicine Cat

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