We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it




Beginning of Divination: ?/?/2017

End of Divination:  8/29/17

Rper: Macy

A long-furred calico she cat with patches of orange, brown, white, and black dotting her pelt. She has hazelish green eyes, and a light pink nose. Cloudtail has a very mellow and calm personality, and finds peace in helping other cats. She was born and raised as a Skyclan cat, and was originally trained to be a warrior, until she was appointed as the medicine cat a few moons after the end of her apprenticeship. Even as an apprentice and early warrior, she was found to be very hesitant to fight, and would do so only to protect others, which still applies to this day.  



Beginning of Divination: ?/?/2016

End of Divination: ?/?/2017

Rper: Spring

Springfaith was born in Skyclan, though what she didn't realize was that her father actually came from one of the four clans, making her half clan, though he disappeared shortly after birth, leaving her mother heartbroken, but she confided in Gracesong and made her promise this one thing when she came down with green cough; to take care of Springfaith as if she was her own daughter and that's what had to happen when she died. After a bit of discussion, Springfaith finally accepted to become medicine cat apprentice to Gracesong after getting a sign from her Skyclan ancestors, now she is starting to slowly open up since her mentor is unwell, wanting to maybe figure out how to help her since she hadn't had much training, having made the harsh trip in her age after receiving injuries from outside.




Beginning of Divination: ?/?/2016

End of Divination: ?/?/2016

Rper: Echo

A thin, finely boned dilute calico she-cat with a short, but dense coat of fur. Her limbs are average ledge and her paws are somewhat dainty with a dexterous step. Her ruff is slightly thicker around her neck as well as the fur on her tail. Her eyes are baby blue, but milky as she is afflicted with blindness since birth. She has a few scars scattered about her frame from her days training as a warrior apprentice, including a small tear in her ear. Though she young, she has a keen wit and an aptitude to educate herself about her surroundings and what new things there are for her to experience and learn. She has a high tolerance to confined spaces and is often more steady on her paws as she must move about and learn her surroundings more closely. She can often be a bit of a pushover, but is a patient and dedicated feline with a sweet inner side. On her exterior, she is a pessimistic, unsocial feline, casting herself apart from many because of her intense belief that they would shun her for her blindness. Despite her belief being an obvious fallacy, she refuses to look at it any other way. She is easily brought down by even the slightest reference to her blindness and is easily hurt by harsh words. She tends to shy away from kindness, with an overly sensitive nature.