We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it



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The subject of killing...quite a tantalizing fascination one must have to talk about it. Plant, a cat of mere wills, cannibalistic ideals and deadly personas was not one of Soulclan everyone could enjoy. Born into a family of vicious gang cats, Plant was conceived by two terrible deadbeats. After his father was exiled from Panther's Gang, his pregnant mother followed suit, carrying four lives with her. When she gave birth, the two females were found dead soon after birth. The two runts of the litter, both surprisingly unhealthy, were male -- one named Plant, out of irony for the deathly, un-vegetated forest he was born in, and Claw, for the simple fact his parents were ex-Gang cats. After his parents abandoned the two brothers unexpectedly on a cold leaf-bare night, Plant swore to protect his slightly younger twin and to cast revenge against his parents. As they both trained each other in a "brothers against survival" fashion, they learned that they could never be apart. When the two grew to warrior-like size, however, both found that their need for bloodshed could be found in different paths. Claw found the need to stalk on apprentices along the Riverclan border who were lost and mutilated them with his sharp claws and teeth, which eventually got him killed by various Riverclan opposers. Plant decided he could try cannibalism. His first few victims were out of hunger during the sharp leaf-bare and leaf-fall seasons, especially when Claw was out making a killing in life. Plant then found, however, that the saline blood of cats was quite succulent and eventually he became obsessed with this fetish. Hearing about Claw nearly caused Plant to commit suicide...until he found out that Claw was in a dead man's nightmare known as the Dark Forest. He himself was a psychopathic atheist, believing there was nothing after death. However, after hearing of the stories from rouges of the Dark Forest and their trainings, he had to find out a way to get to Claw. After several nights in alleyways, he began to dream of the Forest, and was trained by various Dark Forest villains. Claw himself also trained Plant...and soon, Plant could not be stopped in power...usually. One day, he wanted to try this power out. He wandered along the Windclan border...waiting for a cat. Eventually, he noticed Opalstar. Trying to kill her and her companion Rainpelt cost him imprisonment in the clan camp. When he escaped, he never looked back and eventually settled in with Soulclan when they were rising to power. He was one of the strongest cats in the clan, and he also found a cat he felt he should call his mate, Missy, and they eventually had kits. As Soulclan battled, he realized where he could truly show his evil without being looked down upon...it was perfect. As Soul died, he mourned, a leader lost. However, when he was chosen as deputy under Fernsplash, he vowed to protect his clan, and try to revert it back to its evil state.

Apprentice: Flamepaw (Deceased, Soul)

Mate: Missy (Sun)


"Don't greet me with claws unless you wish for death sentences."

-Plant, 2017



Medicine Cat

info pending

 Apprentice: N/A


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