We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it




Beginning of Leadership: 6/??/2017 

End of Leadership: 7/15/2017

Rper: Macy 

A raven black she cat with a white chest and paws, and light emerald green eyes. Fernsplash previously lived as a loner, up until she was just 6 moons old, when she discovered Souclan. She is very loyal to the clan, and tries to get to know all of her clanmates, whilst keeping a careful watch over it. She has a very blunt and up front personality, but is also very protective over her clanmates.






Beginning of Leadership: ??/??/????

End of Leadership: 6/23/2017

Rper: Soul

A tall , slender dark tabby cat with dark amber, almost crimson eyes. He is mean, and cold, but can be nice to cats he really knows.Unfortunately, he hates almost all of his family due to a bad childhood, except for his brother Eternalscream. Right now his goal is the decimation of Thunderclan due to the fact that he feels it's leader is quite inadequate and is running it into the ground anyways. His mate is the beautiful glam queen Jewel. On very rainy days, he likes to bury himself in mud and lunge out and grab unsuspecting cats and drag them into the muddy depths of his mud puddles so that he can harvest their spleens and eat them for dinner. 



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