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A skinny chocolate point Siamese, Obliviongaze possesses cream fur that fades into a mocha hue on his muzzle and face. His legs are graced with the same dark coffee color. He seems delicate, almost feminine due to his frame, but despite this, he is agile and quick on his paws. Pale cyan optics that are tinted aquamarine contrast sharply with the bland colors of his pelt. His shell-like ears are tipped with a round edge, and appear slightly larger than average. Extroverted and sociable, he's generally quite easygoing. Unfortunately, he is quite easy to read on an emotional level, and may be regarded as superficial for his unusual enthusiasm. Obliviongaze is genuine and his words are earnest, and he will not judge another by their appearance or disability no matter their situation. He learned to accept cats for who they are due to his friendship with a certain blind, ginger cat. He has a confidence that can almost define arrogance, but his ego can be easily deflated by certain flaws that are pointed out, whether by clanmates or strangers. His lack of forethought is reflected in his impulsive behavior, but he will prioritize what is best for his clan. His brash, adventurous tendencies are somewhat immature, but he demonstrates bravery in his strong desire to protect; from shouldering the burdens of the clan to defending against unwelcome intruders.





Whitetiger is a lynx point tom-cat with crystal blue eyes that turn darker towards his pupil. His body is sleek and thin, but built like a boulder. He has long legs and tail. His paws are large and he has a few extra toes on his fore-paws. His darker stripes resonate on his face, legs and tail, with paler cream stripes decorating his back and flanks. He is a stubborn tom that doesn't like to lose. He is rather competitive, but knows when to back down. He dreams big, and holds his head high. He is friendly with others if they hold the right attitude with him. He is normally relaxed and in a good mood. When he's tired, he can sport a mean glare and snaps at those who speak to him. He doesn't like giving up and tries to do his best to keep going. In his mind, he is a lion among mice.

Apprentice: Cottonpaw [fox]

Mate: Ivybriar

Offspring: Forestkit, Shellkit, Stormkit



Medicine Cat Apprentice

Mentor: Starclan 

Although this cat is very scatterbrained, she has a good heart. She'd never been very good at learning things or memorizing things, but she always tries her very hardest. Oftentimes she'll be seen quizzing herself constantly on her herbs becauseif she doesnt have a constant reminder, she could very well just forget them. Although she is very forgetful though, she is a pretty good medicine cat for what it's worth. Despite her awkward, oddball personality, she has good advice if one was to ever get past her odd way of wording things. At times she can be a little exhausting to those around her, her being so excitable and all, but she always has the right heart.