We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it



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 A long furred tan she-cat with dark brown/caramel tabby stripes; a light cream muzzle, paws,  and chest; and a dark brown tail tip. Her eyes are olive-colored. Opalstar is kinda bossy and commanding, but she's also very funny and dramatic. She is also loud when she wants to be but when she wants to be heard she often gets off topic. Recently, she gets very stressed out. After all, there is the pressure of being a leader, but she always enjoys a good time with her friends or supervising training just for fun.

Mate: Reedtail (Raven)

Apprentice: Thistlepaw (Aura)




She's an orange spotted she-cat with beautiful gooseberry green eyes- her chest fur white. Her fur is short and spotted, with large moon shaped eyes. Although lithe and skinny, don't mistake this for malnutrition. Her back legs are long and muscular with her front paws being round, perfect for landings. Her tail is very long, which she uses for balancing. Blazingwind is gentle, kind and honestly just a real sweetheart. Her past haunts her, although she hides it easily- almost too easily. She's proud of her speed, renowned as one of the fastest cats in Windclan. She's generally cheerful, although she has a habit for some over dramatics at times. She's very possessive and overprotective of her siblings. Also, future mate be warned, gets jealous easily. Blazingwind isn't attention seeking, but does need at least affirmation that she's doing something right- as her parents leaving her when she was young caused her to not have that as an apprentice. One of the cats that somehow knows all the the happenings around camp.

 Apprentice: N/A

"In times like these, it's best to only smile and look ahead. You can't live happily knowing you've second guessed everything you've done, right?"

-Blazingwind, 2017




Medicine Cat 

Glenspark was born to two purebred Windclan cats with his sister, Dustkit. He's a half white-half calico tom-cat with green eyes. His body is small but wide in the shoulders. He has large paws for a small cat like him. His fur is coarse and short, not able to tangle in any way thankfully. He grew up as any normal kit would, curious and prideful of becoming a warrior. The only problem for him was that he would rather negotiate and talk than fight with claws. He shied away from fighting of all sorts, even just play-fighting. He kept to himself most of the time and didn't care for any of the loud yowling and sharp tongues of most kits his age when they don't get to play. Instead, he had a rather quiet kithood that eventually shaped into apprenticeship when he grew of age. As an apprentice to a warrior, he didn't feel quite like it was for him. The extra training for battle and marking the borders didn't suit his tastes, and when the opportunity to become Medicine Cat Apprentice called to him, he was glad he could finally find himself a place to really belong.

 "Everyone has their place; they just have to find it."

- Glenspark

 Apprentice: Amberpaw




Medicine Cat Apprentice 

A white based she cat with a ginger overcoat and burning amber eyes, she is a feisty little she cat who doesn't like to listen to authority. Though under her snarky attitude, she just wants to feel cared for. Born to Pepperleaf and Darkholly, and with more siblings than she could count, she's always felt ignored and under-appreciated. Sometimes, she would have gone to great lengths for attention- until she met Glenspark; the medicine cat. She, at first had a strong bite-like attitude towards him, until she naturally warmed up. He was the sole cat she felt she could console in, and sees him as a brotherly figure.

" Being special means having to find your inner gifts. "

- Amberpaw


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