We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it


2011 - 2012



Beginning of Leadership: 10/25/2011

End of Leadership: ??/??/2012 

A large, skinny, chocolate brown tom with green or yellow eyes depending upon his moods. His moods fluctuated quite a bit. One moment he could be crazy excited... the other moment he could be dull and angry. It was always hard to tell which Gemstar you were going to get when you spoke to him. Despite his bi-polar problems, he never tended to make decisions based upon his own feelings. Always, his go to when it came to decisions were logic and reason. After all, he had an entire clan to take care of. He cared deeply for his clanmates and refused to let them get hurt by poor decisions. Some things of noteworthiness was his ability to keep everyone calm in the face of an adder invasion that left a few cats with some nasty bites and poisoning.

Here for safekeeping bc why not?




As a kit all his siblings died, his father tried to kill Sweetblossom (Ex-mate, then a kit), he almost died to save her.. His father was sent to exile. He came back with rouges to attack the clan, he died... His mother killed herself swallowing deathberrys and last words were 'I hate you' to Hawkfire, she thought hit was his fault that his father died... His first apprentice died... His first mate, Dreamheart died after having his kits, who all died, she died from drowning in river, his kits died from greencough and one died from a hawk, that's why he hates his name... his second apprentice died... Sweetblosom and him became mates, he always thought she where a bit... unstable after one of their kits died in that snowstorm. Soon he fell in love with Blazestripe, that is, until a lot of crazy drama happened. Still, he remained loving her, though now as sister, not mate and LOVES his kit, he fears for his kit and Sweet... Soon, as a queen, Blazestripe died. Because of his backstory, he is pretty much a jerk. He is rude... And yet... respectful. He has always been cranky, and sad. Now he just seems sad. Lately he has realized how much his anger hurts others. Now, he stays away from cats, trying his best to be kind. Mostly hes doing a good job, and is only rude to his ex-mates mate, Laughtersoul. He is constantly thinking about things, and is quiet, yet ambitious.

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