We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it




Beginning of Divination: ?/??/2015

End of Divination: 11/11/2016

Rper: Spider 

An 8 moon old purebred Windclan feline. His coat is colored in a smokey charcoal gray and dapple with black spots on his frame, his legs and tail have rings around them with the same color. His eyes are a bright blazing amber color flecked with green highlights. He's build like any other Windclan cat, tall and lithe, with speed and agility. He was born to Winddancer and Gorseflare, two well respected warriors and has two siblings, Cloudpaw and Frenzypaw both females. He has a rather shy personality at first,  laid back and reserved, calm and thinks before he speaks or acts. He's clumsy and has an OCD problem and is usually seen sorting herbs into very neat piles. He is also very over protective and can be a bit clingy. He had always dreamed of walking in the path of a Medicine Cat and had always envied Deerleaf as she worked on her patience. When Starclan chose him to walk in her paw-steps she was thrilled. Listening to every word the female told him.

"Don't be afraid of pain, it makes you feel alive." "Never let your faith be shaken."




Beginning of Divination: 5/11/2015

End of Divination: ?/??/2015

Rper: Miku

Deerleaf is a beautiful, mottled brown tabby with intricate, distinctive black markings on her cranium and the sides of her face. They seem to cascade all the way down to her lower back and end at her unusually plumy yet bushy ocelot patterned tail. Ivory frames her muzzle and the areas around her cheeks intricately, creating an innocent mask for this gorgeous face. Her nose is a delicate, mocha brown while her eyes are a bright, luminescent green. Deerleaf has soft white paws and light pink pads, a moderate white splash on her chest, and tawny spots on her lower back that are close to her tail. Her frame is small, but not overly so. And her fur seems to fluff her out more than is natural for one like her. She has a regal air to her, and seems to hold herself in a way that suggests that she knows she is beautiful. Deerleaf tends to have a rather upbeat personality, that can shift to something dark and cold if she needs it to. Her attitude shifts a lot, anyway, since she has such a curious mix of emotions deep within her. Deerleaf has a lightness to her, as well. One that shimmers with the curiosity obvious to a cat of her stature. She finds herself getting into a lot of trouble because she would see something and just have to check it out. Okay, that's her own fault, but she tends to drag her sister, Fawncloud, into it as well. She spends a lot of time with her sister, and they seem to be rather close. She tends to have a problem with keeping her mouth shut sometimes, since she has such a strong pride. If someone is doing something and she doesn't agree with it, regardless of if they are older than her or not, she will point it out. Which could be a reason why she hates it when a cat goes easy on her. She wants them to tell her she's doing something wrong. She wants them to be honest with her, because if it were the other way around she certainly would be quite honest. She hates to lie, and loves to criticize others. Okay, so she seems a bit of a brat, but really, she's a sweet cat. She just speaks her mind. She loves her sister, and tends to find herself softer with her, more relaxed because she kind of calms her attitude problem down a bit, especially since she doesn't have an attitude problem. She knows when to talk and when not to, and Deerleaf isn't blessed with that knowledge. She tends to speak up at the worst of times, angering cats around her and making her wonder quite what she said to bother them. She has that habit of saying things before she thinks about it, and of course that's not quite a good thing, mainly because being that way isn't smiled upon in the clans. Deerleaf has a lighter personality when she gets used to the cats around her, and seems to be a bit better at holding her tongue. She is a protective feline when it comes to cats she cares about, and can be rather pushy if someone is being nasty toward them. She would probably sacrifice herself in a second if it meant the cats that she loves could live a little longer. She seems to sacrifice a lot of things for those she loves. Indeed, she would give up her own happiness if someone she loved would be happier without her in their life. Deerleaf is, albeit, an amazing friend and a loyal clanmate, never overstepping the boundaries in the rules, and always ready to help if something is wrong with a friend. Which, honestly, is a very good thing about her, seeing as she has the ability to anger even the most mild-tempered of cats. 

 Kits: Gentlekit, Lilackit, Fatekit



Beginning of Divination: 3/10/2015

End of Divination: 5/10/2015

Death Date: 5/10/2015 

Rper: Flapper812 

 A Golden hermaphrodite with deep red eyes that can appear amber at an angle. He has black paws, ears tail tip, belly and a black stripe on their back. However, at birth it was unknown he was a hermaphrodite, so he was pronounced to be male, so it stuck.He was a very happy and smart cat. He was kind, thoughtful and mostly kept to himself. However, sadly since he was a hermaphrodite, it caused him issues, which lead to him dying from an unknown cause. Only after his death did he learn that his spirit had joined to become both Male and Female. However, despite this, he grew up as a male and therefore will stay as so

 "I'm just.... going to let you do whatever you want. Because you want me to stop you, but if I don't, you wont get the attention you want, therefore you wont feel pleased with yourself."

- Raystreak







Beginning of Divination: 4/29/2014

End of Divination: 3/10/2015

Rper: Swift 



- Swiftshadow






Beginning of Divination: 4/1/2014

End of Divination: 4/28/2014

Rper: Kitten 

 This gray short-hair was a sort of unintentional player. For some reason, she-cats could not seem to stay away from this handsome debonair. However, he did not, in any way, attempt to fuel their flames of love. In fact he was, most of the time, uncomfortable about all of the attention given to him by the females of the clan. His obvious suave personality and smooth charm brought shecats from all walks of life in the clan. Seeing as how he was in Starclan's paws, he showed no interest in their passionate emotions for him and often times found himself to be pretty grouchy in their presence, more so than any other cats that seemed to come around his den and bother him midday while he was busy sorting herbs. She-cats were putty in his unwilling and uninterested paws and they could not seem to get the hint that he just was no interested, too focused on his 'to-die-for' leave-me alone attitude.

 "Don't bother me. I have too much work to do to deal with your petty words so unless you are injured or dying, go away!"

- Cheshiresmoke